Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daybook Entry - December

(This entry is inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window...Rain! Beautiful Rain! I get so happy when it rains (which is like three times a year)

I am thinking...about 2014 and what it may bring. i typically don't write down goals, but last night I found myself all enthused about things i want to accomplish and a list was formed- and i made sure to make them actually do-able...not like that one year i was all "i am not going to raise my voice at my children" ha! that lasted like a day. (not proud, by the way...just keeping it real) 

I am thankful...for an unsuccessful fraud attempt, for staying somewhat healthy through the holidays, for the people in our life that bless our days, for being together and for holiday traditions, for online shopping. 

In the kitchen...i finally meal planned for the first time in about a month - i planned lots of dinners that could be cooked during breakfast or lunch when the day is a little less overwhelming.

I am hot chili's (the best thermals!) and a long sweater - going to change my Uggs for Rain Boots before i pick the boys up (weeeeeeee!)

I am creating...nothing you guys...nothing. this holiday is totally deprived of home-made gifts and I am totally fine with it! i do need to bottle that beer in my closet though! Stat!

I am stay in with my little family on Christmas Day and am looking so forward to it!

I am wondering...what my kiddos reactions will be to their presents this year? and HOPING all the talks about having a grateful heart are put into practice. 

I am reading...Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris - I am about to start Persuasion by Jane Austen - recommended by a dear friend who knows me well. 

I am hoping...see above :) and hoping all the upset in our accounts can be settled before the new year.

I am looking forward to...holidays with family and friends

I am learning...that simple is always better - for our health - our hearts and our tempers :) 

Around the house...LEGOS! there was a renewed lego love over the past week and this is evidenced by teeny legos in and around every corner of the house. sigh. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Day

Yesterday I participated in the Hollywood Housewife's One Day 2013 challenge- to document a day in the life - all the mundane stuff you wouldnt think to post (or maybe wouldn't post because it isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you would like), but dont want to forget. 

I first saw a friend do this last year and i was too late, but thought how cool would that be to be able to reference this later...when my kids are older and i think back, "How did I do that?" I wish I did this while Bobby was a baby because I literally can't remember anything about that year! 

It was fun because what seems totally normal and mundane to me, apparently is highly amusing to some people! ha! i get it though...i dont think our reality show on our lives would be boring at all...there is nothing boring about raising three boys! 

It was also so neat to scroll through the hashtag #onedayHH - as it was happening - i only had a few opportunities to do this during the fact the whole challenge was a challenge because I don't usually use my phone that much and had to be more intentional in getting it out, etc (in fact i left it at home for 3 hours of that day) but...when i did it was so during bath time i took that pic and scrolled through and saw all kinds of bath time pictures - it was so oddly comforting and encouraging, like - we are all in this, aren't we? 

Anyway - if you didn't get a chance to do it and if you are into the idea - please consider doing it next year - it will be fun!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Daybook Entry - October

Apple Picking (actually here they were raspberry foraging - the apples were all gone)

(This entry is inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window...Crazy weather going from 80s in the day to 60s at night, but last week we did have a rainy day, which gives me hope!

I am thinking...about how badly I want to wear my cute rainboots!

I am thankful...for a lot this week - a group of girls that helped start my week off right, a God that loves me and all my (many) imperfections, a husband that loves me dearly and sweetly and generously, for my kids and their health and my health and healing. I am trying to start my day on a grateful note - it really sets my daily rhythm in order if I can manage it.

In the kitchen...planning and re-arranging (as happens during SPORTS seasons!) and dreams of soups and chilis!

I am wearing...jeans and a shirt, however, i could be wearing a sun dress!

I am creating...Halloween Costumes and completing Zoodie orders

I am going...on a girls Bachelorette weekend getaway to Temecula wine country this weekend and am SOOOO EXCITED!!! 

I am wondering...what cute outfits I should pack for my (one night) trip!

I am reading...Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel (for a life group and loving it) and pre-ordered Allegient by Veronica Roth - out next week!

I am hoping...for a friend to receive (hopefully) good news today.

I am looking forward to... our Thanksgiving trip to Tahoe - Can not wait to be in the Sierras!

I am learning...a lot about Grace...and it is kicking my stuff! 

Around the house...piles left untouched...but a closet (mine) and dressers (boys) successfully gone through and hooray for that! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zoodies Halloween Orders! Order Now!

I have been starting to get some Halloween Zoodie orders and thought I would sent a shout out to anyone thinking about ordering to DO IT! The turn-around on custom orders is about 2 weeks, so please place your order on any zoodie not pre-made up in the shop

I am trying to convince my kiddos that they should wear their zoodies for Halloween and they aren't buying it - they always want the fancy costumes from Target, ha! 

Start your Halloween shopping by clicking HERE

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meal Prepping Adventures Continued

I first started meal planning about a year ago after realizing we are all eating dinner at the same time and it would be ridiculous to cook different meals for us and the kids.
Then we got a little more serious with our lunches and I talked about it here...
Now we have graduated because we are taking it to a whole different level.
We got a second fridge.
And can I just tell you how stupid excited I am about it? Yes? Why thank you...I need someone to tell - because it is really ridiculous how much I love this new fridge. It's not even a fancy stainless french door fancy fridge. It is a white side by side fridge with a water dispenser. First off - the water dispenser. We drink a lot of water - I mainly give my kids (and us) water at every meal...and water in their lunches. I rarely buy juice - we make our own juice (still...can you believe it?) and when I do, it's typically the unfiltered kind. So we have been working with 2 different Brittas - one we would keep in the fridge and one would be out on the counter and it is just so not convenient - not to mention takes up valuable counter space, so I am quite happy about the fridge water! This is like the boringest post ever, I understand. SOOO anyway - I wouldn't even entertain thoughts of a fridge since we rent, but then we started discussing how we could move the other fridge in the garage and totally up our meal planning is pretty awesome.

So now that the weather is cooling down I am pinning all kinds of freezer meals/crockpot meals - make ahead type meals because making dinner at breakfast feels like you chest bumped the day. My kids turn evil whenever it is time I need to make dinner and I fear our neighbors think our kids are killing each other every day around 5:30 since they just seem to cry and scream and whine REALLY loud in the backyard.

Back to the point...I wanted to post some of the things we are doing in case you are interested in trying it out - it does take a chunk of time, but it will save you money, dishes, thoughts, and eventually stress, which will make your skin shine and your hair silky...I swear meal planning should pay me...i am a born spokeswoman.

So here are some of the lunches we have done- we have also used them for dinners, depending on the day and the plans.

1. Chicken, Quinoa, Asparagus - Chicken cooked in bulk, Quinoa cooked in bulk, Asparagus blanched
2. Stuffed Peppers We leave the peppers raw and stuff it with a mix of ground turkey and assorted veggies chopped up real fine - when it is time to eat, we either eat them raw (bryan) or cook them at 350 for 15 minutes (carlee)
3. Lettuce Wraps - We use artisan greens from Costco - they are like baby romaines and bryan makes an asian stir fry of ground turkey, brussel sprouts, asparagus, etc. I like to top mine with non-fat greek yogurt mixed with Siracha
4. Tofu, Veggie Scramble - Bryan found the food processor chopper today and it changed his life. He chopped up a costco size bag of brussel sprouts and asparagus and a huge tub of mushrooms - he did a quick flash cook of the veggies seasoned up nice and cooked 3 packages of firm tofu at once. For half of the lunches he did a scramble and we added quinoa, for the other half he stuffed peppers with them.

I had the original goal (back in July) to do it at least once a month. Bryan has been the real reason this is successful, but we have been able to do it most of the months - i would say 3/4 weeks

As far as dinners - we have taken a little time adjusting to the new school/sports schedule, but with the weather turning, I am exciting to soup/roast it up again.

I recently pinned this and am excited to do this with a couple friends next month. The thought of having 12 meals done in one night is stupid how thrilling it is to me.

And let me just say - you do not need a second fridge to do this...we have only had one and have not had a problem...we are just excited to up our game with freezer meals, etc.

I hope this inspires anyone who lacks meal planning skills, because - listen - that is MEEEE!!! but this has seriously helped my family in a small way and so I wanted to share some inspiration, ideas and recipes - please do the same if you feel so inclined!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoodie Shop Updates

I have started to get my fall orders trickling in and thought I would update my update. I DID raise prices...however, I also lowered some prices too! I added a SALE!!! Collection, Which, I know...was not the point...but really some of them have been sitting around for a while and they really want homes to go to. Because zoodies are not happy sitting on hangers...they want to be worn and loved and played in. It's depressing seeing them all hanging there!  

So check out THE SHOP and see what all is going on!

Oh, and The Warehouse Mouse Zoodie (pictured above) is not in the shop...but I had to post this pic of my little Bodie O...because how cute is he? Those lips! ack...he is just the cutest...okay...sorry about that.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Zoodie Prices Go Up in 1 Week!!! Get them NOW!


I hate raising prices...I seriously am the worst business owner ever because I constantly undermine my value because I hate charging prices I wouldn't pay myself for something. And if we are being honest, I wish I could just give them away...but then my credit card bills would start screaming at me...But, recently I was sort of busted that I was charging $4 less for my zoodies than what an American Apparel sweatshirt would cost ALONE! so basically I have not been charging anything for my time or materials...sooooo...I was politely asked to raise the prices. I told them I would do it first thing in September, so this is your last chance - Don't say I didn't warn you! If you were planning on these as Christmas gifts, better order what is in stock now! (Custom Orders or orders that aren't already made will be priced differently)

To start your order - CLICK HERE

Monday, August 19, 2013

Daybook Entry - August

(This entry is inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window...Beautiful end of summer weather. It has been on that cusp of changing into cooler evenings and chilly mornings. Loving it! 

I am thinking...a lot about the future...

I am thankful...for a wonderful week of get togethers with old friends and new friends and forever friends!

In the wonderful husband made me an amazing salad for dinner...also leftovers ALL week!

I am wearing...leggings and a dress - it was officially chilly this morning!

I am creating...zoodies and home decor - a renewed interest in making parts of my home beautiful that have bothered me for far too long!

I am make the most of the last couple weeks of summer!

I am wondering...what is in store the next couple of weeks with THREE kids in school for the first time!

I am reading...Insurgent by Veronica Roth - a YA dystopian book to successfully distract me

I am find a rhythm rather quickly with our new school year!

I am looking forward to...Fall! and all it brings, holidays, birthdays, chillier weather, soup! Chili! 

I am sloooooow down...or trying at least!

Around the house...signs of a good weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Marine Vista Park

Marine Vista Park is like a second home - whether it's farmers market, or soccer/baseball/golf practice, or just a place to let the littles out during errand runs to get the crazy out...we frequent this park...uhh..frequently, ha! It is getting more challenging with their different ages taking them to a park where all 3 are entertained. Right now the biggest success of doing that is taking them to a skate park. But just a regular park with grass and a playground isn't too exciting for my almost-eight-year-old.  I need to be creative with that one - pack a scooter/skateboard/fishing rod or in the case of yesterday, a boomerang. the boomerang was fun while it lasted, but he got it taken away for a year because he did what he did with it the first time he got it (after several lectures of exactly where and how to throw it) and it came super close to hitting people sitting on a bench. he felt super bad and knew immediately he was in trouble. i just don't know with this kid sometimes...its not defiance...its more of an attitude that he makes his own rules or he already knows better than a teenager...not sure if its an oldest child thing, or a distinctly bryson thing, but he is definitely receiving the bulk of our parenting energy these days. 

To see Bryson's Post on the Park, Click HERE

Summer Journal Entry - The O.C. Fair

Another childhood tradition - the o.c. fair. We go every year - my husband is such a good sport (see last picture) he is the designated ride go-on-er and always with a smile. He is also the best at carny games - I try to deter the games because I loathe stuffed animals (so mean, huh? well have your family get lice 3 times and tell me you still love them). We have a few things we usually do every year - we have to do the photo booth, we have to get some gross fair food (i had a corn dog for the first time in a loooong time and LOVED it...only at the fair!) we have to see the animals and we have to visit the carnival of products...or what is it called? the place where the people do the demonstrations of the knives and sham-wow and things...that is bryan's favorite part. Mine is the craft building of course...but it's not enjoyable with kids to me, so I will wait till they are a bit older and go when i have time to stroll around and ooh and aaah over the quilts. 

I am happy we went on a Thursday - so much more enjoyable than a weekend, but it was still pretty packed. The most unfortunate part of the day was when Bryson brought his $20 bill to play the fish game to win a fish and found out that he lost it. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Bryan had told him to get a wallet - i swear we have given that boy like 10 wallets...and he couldn't find one and he learned an important need to be careful with your money. Episodes like this tend to ruin his entire day...he is definitely our most emotionally charged child...and he did cry and was pretty devastated, especially when I explained to him that I did not have an extra $20 to give him and no I wouldn't pay $10 for him to play the fish game, especially when you can go buy a beta fish for $4...but also because we don't need a fish...but he pulled through and was able to change his attitude and I was so proud...progress people! 

To See Bryson's Post on the Fair, Click HERE

Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - The Lake Bed in Yorba Linda

I grew up in an older part of Yorba Linda where it was completely normal to see someone riding a horse to 7-11 and a peacock in your backyard that had escaped from the neighbor's aviary. There is an old lakebed near the house I grew up in and it has trails all around- popular for horses and was our favorite spot to ride bikes. I remembered there being a clearing at one point and people (probably my brother and his friends) built up ramps to jump, etc. We walked around a while and I could not find them anywhere...I think all the brush grew up where they were...not sure, but a second inspection is indeed needed! Next time I go will be earlier in the day when the boys are fresher and perhaps not such a hot day either! They had such a blast though - the second we got there they just took off - such freedom they rarely get biking in our urban neighborhood- their freedom and energy was inspiring, especially being in a childhood spot where I remember that feeling as well. 

I walked and they rode their bikes (bobby had the balance bike) and we found a rope swing and some hills to brave down. I didn't think Bobby would attempt to go down (first mistake) so I didnt think to teach him how and sure enough, there he went and ended up basically on his stomach riding down this big hill, i thought surely he was going to eat it in a big briar patch, but somehow he made it all the way down unscathed. He is my Mr. Magoo I tell you! At one point we found a shady spot to eat our lunch. I got the willies as I remembered all the ghost stories we used to tell about this place and hearing a big scuffle in a nearby bush. I don't normally get nervous or afraid even hiking or running on trails, but definitely felt vulnerable sitting there and another feeling from childhood washed over me.

Some of my favorite memories with my boys are just exploring areas like this. I pack them away in my special memory chest in my heart because not every day is filled with these kind of memories, especially a day like yesterday as I was cleaning poop off of the seat in my sister's car after an unfortunate bobby blow it is times like these I want to remember forever. The freedom, the exploration, the wonder of the smallest insect and the thrill of a rope swing.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Adventure Playground Huntington Beach

The entire time I was at this place I couldn't help but be transported back to my childhood. My backyard...the wood pile, the treehouses, the mud...ahhh...such sweet memories and now the mom in me is like, what were my parents thinking letting us run around in wood piles and rusty nails and black widows...

The boys loved it, but mainly just the building part - they had no interest in the mud slide or the mud/raft portion of the playground. We did manage to get them to go down the mudslide, which consisted of a tarp-like thing draped down a hill while someone squirted your child with a hose and then they land in a big muddy puddle. i think it sounds cooler than it was? second child almost cried after, but they were fine and went back to happily building. Every child received a hammer and 3 nails (your kids have to be 5+ to go - i left bobby at home BTW) and if you are over 8 years old you can use a saw. we had to get going and they were so upset to leave - they really could have stayed another few hours, but i promised them they could build in our backyard, so that worked. the rest of the afternoon was spent by bodie nailing nails into a piece of wood happily and bryson trying to build his own treehouse. I love places like this that inspire them on their own. if I suggested they do that, it wouldn't be as cool, surely. 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - carbon canyon regional park

He has been taking his (my) rod everywhere and always attracts a little following of older boys at every place we go! 
Bobby...always on the edge...always...sigh
He will do this all day if he could!

Last monday I took the boys to Carbon Canyon Regional Park. I haven't been to that park since I was younger, and I knew Bryson would appreciate the lake. And I had it in my memory that the lake wasn't gross duck poop everywhere lake, like so many around our area...and I am glad I made the trek. We could have easily spent a few more hours there - and I was wishing I brought a book and a blanket because I just parked between bryson fishing at the lake and the two littles playing on the HUGE playground (there are actually 4 playgrounds all close to each other). Parking was $3 - but other than that we had a pretty cheap day! Bryson didn't catch anything, so he was a little bummed (i think he expects he is going to catch a fish every time...i told him if that were the case they would call it "catching" not "fishing" - he didn't get it)

I also brought scooters and bodie's bike and they enjoyed finding all the hills to bomb. It was a pretty park - well maintained and lots of shade. Definitely would go back if we find ourselves in the area again!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Huntington Library and Gardens

I have a cousin (second or third cousin really, but we don't try to overthink it) from Sweden and he and his wife and their precious daughter Kajsa live in Pasadena. His wife is the one with the work visa, so my cousin is the stay at home dad! My sister and I took the trek up to San Marino to visit the Huntington Library and Gardens to hang out with them and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

I had not been here for a while and I realized as I was there that I should probably not go again without back-up...or maybe even better...without kids. I just couldn't get them to stroll and look at the gardens and not RUN EVERYWHERE and get completely soaked in the children's garden. And also that children's garden - so cute! but so frustrating with three boys who take off in opposite directions ALL THE TIME. (the place is a maze of sorts) Definitely felt a bit out of control that day and at one point i just sat down in the mist room and put my head in my hands and sent a little prayer up to God to please let them calm down for a minute. It was one of those desperate moments. At times I feel like I am this crazy mom and everyone else is able to control their kids but me...but then I was looking around the garden and it was all moms of like one I felt a little better - that I was actually braving it with three boys...three very active boys. and maybe one day some of them will be in my shoes and a little less judgmental with their looks...

Anyway, despite that - they did enjoy the Japanese garden and sat and watched the koi fish for like a minute or I could almost relax..if you call holding the back of bobby's shirt every time he got close to the water relaxing. Plus it was a hot day by the end of the trip I was just exhausted. Seriously - next time I go back is with girlfriends - I have been there 4 times and there is still so much I haven't seen. My cousin has an annual pass and was telling us all kinds of interesting facts about the place and the original owner. It is all so fascinating. How anyone can be that wealthy is fascinating!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Ombre Clothesline Bowls

I saw this DIY today and felt inspired. I was going to do the paint like the original DIY, but my acrylic paint is not in the best condition (read: dried up due to non-usage) and I didn't even think about fabric paint until after...maybe next go around? I did have some RIT teal dye on hand though, so per my usual way of doing things - just jumped in and figured i would figure it out as i went along...this method usually works 7/10 times for me. I enjoy the learning curve i guess you could say ;) or perhaps others would call me impatient...its all about perspective people! i am an eternal optimist (to a fault)

I found my boys' sand buckets (3 of them) and rinsed them out and filled them about halfway with hot salted water. In the first bowl I added 2 tablespoons of dye, in the second I added 1 tablespoon and the third I added a teaspoon. I just kinda guessed on the amount of clothesline to put in each and let them sit for a half hour. Then I rinsed them out until the water ran clear and popped the clothesline in the dryer. Here is the part where the winging it didn't work out so great due to the fact the dryer completely tangled the i guess if you are more patient than me...lay it out in the sun for a few hours instead? It wasn't that big a deal, and I get some weird kind of satisfaction untangling things, so that is just me and my weirdness...but anyway...

I didn't do the base quite as large as the directions either. One package of $5 clothesline made these two bowls - the diameter at the bottom is about 3.5". i still had rope left over too! It came together relatively fast - a few snaggles on my machine - could have probably done with a stronger thread for this project, but we made it work and I am super happy with how they turned out! I am thinking this would make a pretty sweet and thoughtful gift stuffed with some flowers, or wine or dry goods, or anything! Have fun and happy sewing!

Summer Journal Entry - La Habra Children's Museum

I am now officially out of order since this field trip happened last week, but that is okay...I am actually blogging - that is amazing stuff enough!

So I had never heard about this little museum until this year...and I really wish I had. Although I thought it was way overpriced for what it was ($7 per person ages 2 and up) was a cute little museum to pass the morning hours and spark good conversation and imaginary play.

This museum, in my opinion, is best for ages 5 and under. Bryson (age 7) was a little upset that he couldn't ride the carousel. I feel like if I just had the younger kids we could have spent a lot longer here exploring the different rooms. Bryson sets the pace for the younger boys and if he deems something as boring or if he moves on, then the little ones follow suit (which can be both frustrating at times and also awesome at times)

The museum has 8 rooms - all with different themes. There are so many different interests covered - biological sciences, model trains, natural history, theater/dress-up, earth science, history - you are guaranteed to find a room your kid loves! Surprisingly, my kids spent the most time in the toddler room playing with the giant building blocks. Go figure...

There is also a tour of the trains outside of the museum that i know my boys would have loved, but it didnt start until 1:00 - which is during a certain 2 year olds nap sadly, we had to miss it. There was a lovely bench in the shade and a play area in the back of the museum though that enjoyed our lunch at. I don't know that I would be returning again, but if i lived closer and had younger children - I would definitely get the year pass - you only have to go a few times to make up the cost!

(To See Bryson's Summer Journal Post about the museum - Click HERE)

Summer Journal Entry - Poppin tags birthday party

So fun you guys! I wish I could take credit for this idea, but my best friend Ruth told me about one that she went to and I knew immediately that we had to steal that idea for my husband (Bryan)'s birthday. 

We met at a Goodwill - the rule is that you had to buy your outfit for dinner with only $20. I really wish I could have found a different thrift shop to do this, because Goodwill is over-priced in my opinion, but it was the only thrift store I could find that was open past 7:00. So anyway - we met there and had fun all helping each other pick out our outfits- met for a group shot while being accosted by a homeless man...gotta love long beach! (which is why all my group shots are cutting people out and blurry). We then all drove downtown to The Federal Bar. The restaurant is in an old bank and its super swanky - so we looked pretty awesome all of us walking in. Before our food came (and after a drink) we had a fashion show where people got to sell us on their outfits. There was a prize for best dressed male and female voted on by all the people at the table. We had a blast. Bryan loved both his finds (and sadly, will wear them again and again). Thank you to everyone who came out and played along - we seriously have the best friends who are game for anything! Love you guys!

Summer Journal Entry - Moustache Camping Trip

It took me a while for this post...I really wanted to find pictures from our first moustache camping trip 7 years ago...but sadly, they are boxed up somewhere. But anyway...what a difference 7 years makes! Back then, Bryson was the only baby...this year there were 10 kiddos! 10! And in a few more years I am sure there will be even more, which is way exciting for me...since we are finished making babies - i have to make sure to be around people with babies. but then give them back when they cry...and poop.

So we planned this trip back in January - we tried to find a different spot to camp, but it ended up being too difficult. Plus we have been camping at Lake Cachuma for so many years, we just know it by now. There is a lot about the place I don't care for. Cachuma is pretty crowded and dirty and loud and the bathrooms are not the best in the world...oh and the BIG bush of poison oak smack dab in the middle of our campsite. I like camping with my boys because I feel like I can just say -! climb trees! get dirty! and not stress about it...but i felt like every minute I was in our campsite I was telling them "no" or "don't do that" and that is just a bummer. So when I would start to feel like that I just took them down to the lake to throw rocks in the forts with fallen branches. find feathers. we stayed there for a few hours one morning and not a single fight erupted. pure bliss. i just stared at these kids in amazement that they instinctively know what to do in nature. My kids (at this age) are never bored in nature. there is always something to do. a tree to climb. a collection to start. a rock to skip across a lake. shells to find and smash the guts open. I just realize more and more as my boys get older that the most precious moments are the ones that are simplified and quiet and scaled back. we are all so much more at peace surrounded by beauty like this. This is the part of Lake Cachuma that I do like...the lake. Especially at the twilight hour. So beautiful. I will be forever taking away memories of watching the kids all play together so well - despite age differences and gender differences. I will forever take away the campfire conversations with dear friends and friendships spanning over the course of 20 years - friends where we can talk about Game of Thrones in one sentence and finding your passions and staying true to yourself in the next. I will be forever remembering that this is a crazy time for all of us and we are doing it together. Because really, do we want to do it all alone? 

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Skate Parks

ya know...bryson is kinda kickin me in the pants with his summer journal! i am trying to journal everything he does (for at least the places I took him) and its been difficult! but i am so glad to do this. this summer has been so nice to be freed of schedules. i had so many different moms ask me about camps and events and i just really didn't feel the need this summer. partly, i admit, it was selfish - due to money and the time spent dropping off/picking up, but also I wanted to have this time with them - without schedules!! during the school year, it can be a bummer- bryson in school till three - homework until four (sometimes later because he fights it EVERY day) then dinner, then bed time. there is not a lot of room for outings, or free time.

one of the places he always begs me to take him - school day or no - is the skate park. All three boys LOVE the skate park and it is usually easy for me to take them. I find it better sometimes if I don't watch - so I even bring a book. (I only don't watch if there are only a couple other kids in the park. If the park is super busy...i can't be so chill). And by better if I don't watch, what I mean is better if I don't try to tell them what to do/don't do. They do five million times better when they figure it out themselves...i have learned.

Case in point - the Costa Mesa skate park the kid dropped in...on a skateboard....2 years old. what?? I didn't even think to tell him not to do that because I didn't know he could. bryson just learned how! And sure, he fell...but good thing they have pads...and even better that Bobby is half composited of rubber.

Bryson has been doing great. At the El Dorado Skate park they can ride bikes, scooters or skateboards. Bryson prefers the scooter most of the time, but has been doing so good on the skateboard. Dropping in, going off a step or two here and there, getting his balance - learning to ollie. I have to admit - it can be hard to watch them, but I truly know my boys - and their abilities and know that if they learn this young (when falling isn't such a big deal) it will serve them well in their teens...hoping for that anyway. I just know we can't keep them away from it! and also - maybe if their mom is cool and takes them to the skate park, they won't hate her later for not letting them play football? maybe?

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