Thursday, June 30, 2011


or popsicles rather...but then there wouldnt be that whole double entendre thing happening, so lets just pretend a second shall we? so...this all goes back to our juicing experiment 2011. if you are close with us than you must know...because its about all i complained about for SIX MONTHS!!!! that bodie had constipation ended up being more a behavioral issue than anything else, but it forced us to rethink our diets all together and my husband came back from Costco one day with a juicer. i was i am with most of his Costco purchases...but it has been sitting on our counter for the past 4 months or so and i'll be darned if its gone a day without being used. our grocery bill is much higher...especially since i like to buy organic...but i have not had a single bowel issue with any of my boys...that is priceless for a mom...its a anyway the boys love helping daddy make juice in the morning, "juice time!" and bryan does a great job in getting a ton of spinach juice...we are known to go through a GIANT Costco size spinach bag in a week (we also eat it raw in salads and put it in just about every meal) - he also adds apples and oranges and whatever other fruit we have...the boys love it and guzzle it right up usually.

so with these hot days i have been turning leftover morning spinach/apple/orange juice into....popsicles! they think its such a special treat and beg me for them and i may or may not use them as bribes...and then i sit back and laugh my evil doctor laugh...bwah just had to pick up the backyard so you can have a spinach popsicle!!! is it considered evil if you get that kind of delight from watching your kids enjoy something healthy? i think not...bwahahahahahhaahahahhaha....

P.S. i love how this kid eats his popsicles...amazing...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why cute old ladies are sometimes the worst!

I feel like I have to blog about this because this incident happened at noon today and I am still upset about it. I was at trader joes with all 3 boys...Bobby in the ergo...bodie in the cart ( which he HATES) and Bryson walking next to me...I try not to grocery shop with all of them but it could not be helped today...anyway...bodie took his hat off and threw it down...I didnt see him do it and asked Bryson why the hat was on the ground...before he could answer this older lady (probably 80 or so) told me..."it was him in the cart! I saw him" hmmmm...I thought..."I'm not surprised" I said. Bryson picked it up and gave it to me and then that little old lady said in a nasty voice, " he going to live the rest of his life having other people pick up after him?"

Uhhhhhhh....shocked that she would say such a bold and rude thing I said, " he is 2....and he is in the cart"

What I Wanted to say was...."what do you expect me to do? Oh wise one who knows how to raise strangers' children? Lift 32 pounds out of the cart, while carrying an additional 20 pounds on my chest to make him pick up a hat and teach him a lesson he doesn't have the capability to understand?"

I think why I am so upset (usually i let it roll off my back) is that there has been about 10 different experiences like that my husband and I have had with older people and I just can not help but think how much more powerful and empactful they could have been with a little grace and a tender heart. I hope that when I am older I won't forget how difficult this phase in life is and that I show other parents grace and am able to be a tiny little positive influence in their day...

Have you guys Experienced this phenomena too or is it just me?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Dressing Up for the Last Day of School

Bryson's last day of pre-school was last sad...he will never be a pre-schooler again...i am having trouble with this...this whole kindergarten thing...big troubles...i know i am not the first, but still, its a first for i can whine a little...right?

so anyway - he was getting dressed and told me he wanted a sweater, not a sweatshirt - so i gave him his cardigan and then he told me he needed his bow tie (of course as we were walking rushing out the door) and so i ran to his dress-up box and found his tie - "what about your tie?" he said "mooooommmmm....i can't wear my tie...i'll look like a business man!" what? "what do you look like when you wear your bow tie then?" i asked....and he replied, "a gentleman" - well - i of course couldnt argue with that logic...and i didnt even begin to argue that it is completely inappropriate to wear a bow tie without a collar...i just went back and dug around and found one for the little booger...but i had to snap some pics, especially after i came back to give him his bow tie to find bodie sporting the business man/dino look

On Bodie:
Dino Zoodie - by Sweet B
Tie - H&M
Shorts - Circo for Target
Shoes - Puma

he is killing me with these poses!

On Bryson:
Hat - Circo for Target
Cardigan - American Apparel
Bowtie - Diggy and Me on Etsy
Shorts Pants Shants (i am pretty sure on boys they arent capris right?) - H&M
Shoes - Puma

Thursday, June 16, 2011

For the Star Wars Geek (and their geeky children)

my fellow star wars geek friend from high school just sent me this amazing are these? available at Williams-Sonoma and on sale ($9.99!) eeeeeekkk...i totally just ordered it and bryson is going to be so excited when he sees a millenium falcom PBJ!!! now i am just debating whether or not to keep the tin for myself....hmmmmm

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holy Peonies!

they are as big as my head! well...maybe bobby's head..from Trader Joe's of all places. my sister gasped when she saw them and then told me that my house (of boys) always needs big pretty pink flowers. i couldnt agree more!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Love It! A Vintage Picnic

i want a picnic like this! (but with a half black/half italian boy...
too bad there isn't much in the way of  vintage interracial love! :)

This basket is so gorgeous

I need a picnic skirt! must make immediately!

Corn Trays!!

I'm picking out a thermos for you....

Look at these sweet place settings!

These plates - goodness!

I could see my family laying down on this picnic quilt - LOVE!

These trays are the cutest!

my skirt would match this blanket...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Manly Cowboy

i am really hoping that bryson and i have the type of relationship growing up that he too realizes how funny he is and doesn't hate me for posting pictures like this...because this is awesome. my brother supplies weapons to my boys because he knows i refuse to buy them (except light sabers...i know double standard, but i can't help my seeps out everywhere) so anyway...he told bryson he would bring him back a gun when he went to Texas and it was a pink brother thought he was so funny...ha ha girls gun! bryson did not care AT ALL...he was so stoked! ha! take that Jake!

On Bryson:
Cowboy Hat - Western Store in Los Olivos
Bandana- Apple Likes Orange
Shirt - Vintage (it was Bryan's soccer team when he was 5)
Belt - part of a tool belt
Jeans - Osh Kosh
Cowboy Boots - Western Store in Modesto
Horse - Sweet B (my first dopey horse!)

Can you see that dopey horse laying down in the background? that was my sister's when she was little that my mom made - still holding up almost 30 years later...its been my "pattern" for my horsies.

On Bodie:
Hat - Angels...go Angels!
Bandana - Apple Likes Orange
Shirt - Circa for Target
Shorts - Children's Place
Shoes - Nike

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bikes on the brain...

during Easter weekend we were a part of an awesome bike-hunt birthday party around Santa Barbara...that is where this picture was taken...bodie found a way to sleep comfortably on th Wee-Ride Kangaroo seat. I still love this seat, but think it would be better for me to get a trailer, so i can take the littles and bryson can ride beside me...right now i need a biking partner. Anyone have any recommendations for trailers??

I am itching to go on a bike ride! we had a string of beautiful days and now the gloomy weather is looking to stay for a while, but it is not hindering my desire to get out and ride with the boys!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion -So Cool its Boring

I love this picture of Bodie...he is just too cool...its just so boring when you are this cool...oh and that freaking thing in his hand was his "airpane gotcher" (airplane helicopter) and he dropped it no less than 356 times taking bryson to school...and EVERY time he did he threw a fit...and ANY time i tried to help him or carry it for times...this 2 business - i only have 1 more to go! sheesh...valium me now!

still bored...

On Bodie:
Hat - H&M
Shirt - Circa for Target
Pants - Oshkosh (turned into cut-offs by me)
Shoes - Puma
Sunglasses - H&M

On Bryson:

Hat - Rivercats (his T-ball team)
Darth Vader Sweater - H&M
Shorts - Shaun White for Target
Shoes - Toms
Lunchbox - Goodbyn

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moms picking up other moms

so the other day i was out at a local yogurt shop and this mom came in with her sit n' stand stroller with her approx 4 year old and new baby. we struck up a conversation and then she realized i had three kids..."three BOYS! (gasp)" somewhere in there...she then just threw up her arms...."oh my have 3 kids and you look cute? how do you do it?" i laughed and told her i dont always usually look cute but thank you and started to leave. she chased me out the door and handed me her card and asked if we could go on a playdate sometime.

i am embarrassed to admit that i lost her card...actually i believe it was used by a certain 5 year old of mine to become a work of art or who knows what...i totally would have called her...anyway - i thought the whole thing was so funny...i came home and told my husband..."i think i got picked up today by another mom"

this happens at the park too with moms, i have noticed...little conversations..."do i know you from somewhere?" things like that...its funny...i have been so out of practice with the whole single world and catching moms are doing it.

its a tough thing...this mom/friend business. i had a conversation recently with a girlfriend about past friends who we can only be friends now without our kids...that hanging out with our kids and them is just too stressful/annoying/boring or they flake all the time at the faintest hint of a cough or they flake all the time because its just much too i think at some point most moms need to find new mom/kid friends....and its really only at this toddler stage - once they get into schools/church, etc - you start to become friends with their friends parents...but now its more about who you want to hang out with.

i am also finding it extremely difficult to hang with other moms when you have 3 kids...the places i can go are somewhat limited...the times i can go are also i find myself at this stage scheduling time with friends in the evenings...sans kids...which has been lovely. i realized now that i am doing it, how much i need it. i told my husband when we had our third boy that girl nights would most likely be needed on a weekly basis...and its already holding to be true. because, lets be real...even when i do manage to schedule a playdate with a girlfriend, we manage to get about 3 sentences a between the "Bodie come back here!" or "Don't touch that!" or "Please use your words!" or diaper changes or lunch time or time outs or or or or......

its such a balance...this mothering...this balance between maintaining a "self" in whatever way that means (for me most days it means brushing my hair) and giving to your family...picking up other moms is just a part of it i guess!

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Love It! Party Edition

i am hosting a couple parties in a few months - a one year birthday party for my baby bobby and a bridal shower for a dear mind has been whirling with ideas and the internet lends *way too much* inspiration!

1. These fabric lanterns would brighten up any party! (via funkytime)

2. Cutest Idea for a Party...if only i could get up that early and be functional to throw it! (via cakies)

3. I am thinking of making a special "apple" garland for Bobby's birthday - maybe like this, but with apples? (via Made by Joel)

4. or maybe i have to do this...even my dusty crochet skills could whip this up! (via Prudent Baby)

5. i have the cutest apple fabric...maybe some *super simple* kids aprons to do some fun and messy apple crafts? or perhaps some treasure bags...or something else? thoughts?

6. this backyard wedding looks amazing and i LOVE these hanging vases! (via the sweetest occasion)

7. these chalkboard glasses are so cute and i am thinking i will need a good punch recipe for that baby shower!

8. i just got this beautiful tablecloth and can't wait for a party to use it! (via carlyscurations)

9. i have been wanting to make these since i saw them in readymade...maybe a party is a perfect excuse! (via readymade)

10. when i think of fabulous backyard parties...i think of ina garten...maybe i need this book!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Picnic in Style

here in Long Beach, CA we have concerts in the park during the summer at various locations throughout the city. There happens to be one at our local park one night a week and it seems like the whole neighborhood is there. it is so nice because the park is so big the kids can run around and the parents can eat and see friends. it seems like everyone has one of these little tables...only i couldn't find them at a local Ace or Lowe's, so I look at Amazon...the coolest thing was that i paid for it with my American Express Rewards Points its kinda free :) i figure when we aren't using it at the park, the boys would love to have their own table for our backyard picnics!

Speaking of picnics...what is your favorite picnic dinner? I need some easy go-to meals...i am LOVING this idea of a mason jar picnic dinner! genius!

Friday, June 3, 2011

T-Shirt Fun - Summer Style

we recently had a little summer shopping spree at H&M. I love their boys' stuff...especially their shorts and pants, but i can never resist some of their cute Ts for $5...they are made very well too and hold up...some of ours have held up to 3 boys...3 very dirty and hard playing boys!

so i wanted to add a little something to the shirts...especially the white one, because without anything on it, all you will see is all kinds of stains...i would have never gotten white, but it came in a 2 pack with the green stripe one below and bryson "weally weally wanted it, mom! its green! my favorite color!"

i let the boys "help" in that they got to pick what went on the shirts and the colors...i would normally let Bryson do more, but we were in a time crunch and i had all 3 boys and bobby may have picked up a paint bottle and sucked it...i doubt he got any...but had to be quick.

bodie was very adamant that he wanted a green "airpane gotcher" (i think he says airplane helicopter, but not entirely sure of that). and bryson wanted all the different colors of planes. when i started i realized (with the green one) i realized i did it upside i had to be a little creative...woops!

the caterpillar shirt was also bryson's cute! he made his teacher put a caterpillar in a yogurt can with foil on top last week...speaking of which...where did that go? so he has had caterpillar on the brain a little bit.


i told him to pose...i honestly don't know where this came from. these shorts are also from H&M - we got them last year and they finally fit him this year! 

this was the best shot i could get of the little booger in his shirt. he kept pulling it out to look at the airplane and tracing his finger along the cute!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Golf Day

 This last weekend my husband, Papa Howard and Bryson got to play a little 9 hole course here in LB. Bryson is still taking lessons and I even heard that the other day at practice he drove the ball 135 yards...i think he beat my best...well...some days he loves it and other days not so much, but he loves playing the actual course. especially with his daddy...especially when he comes home with all sorts of quarters because daddy bet him on certain holes :). Pretty soon (2 1/2 years) Bodie will be able to join in...but for now he likes looking the part!

On Bryson:
Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Shaun White for Target
Shoes - Puma

On Bodie:
Shirt - American Apparel
Shorts - Target
Shoes - Puma
Hat - Target

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Kick Off Party

Last friday the weather was so nice, i couldn't even think about staying we picked up some burritos and went down to our local park and there happened to be a summer kick off party hosted by LB Parks and Rec. it was so fun because we happened upon it and were some of the first there to enjoy the bouncy slide, the giant balls that the kids could go inside of, the free popcorn and of course the Journey cover band. i think most people thought they were funny...but my husband was seriously excited. he loves him some knows all the cracks me up.

Anyway...made me so excited for summer...we ate watermelon, had a picnic, played some baseball, climbed trees, ran in the grass, stayed until the sun was *almost* down and that cool breeze kicked in. wonderful, magical night!