Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Huntington Library and Gardens

I have a cousin (second or third cousin really, but we don't try to overthink it) from Sweden and he and his wife and their precious daughter Kajsa live in Pasadena. His wife is the one with the work visa, so my cousin is the stay at home dad! My sister and I took the trek up to San Marino to visit the Huntington Library and Gardens to hang out with them and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

I had not been here for a while and I realized as I was there that I should probably not go again without back-up...or maybe even better...without kids. I just couldn't get them to stroll and look at the gardens and not RUN EVERYWHERE and get completely soaked in the children's garden. And also that children's garden - so cute! but so frustrating with three boys who take off in opposite directions ALL THE TIME. (the place is a maze of sorts) Definitely felt a bit out of control that day and at one point i just sat down in the mist room and put my head in my hands and sent a little prayer up to God to please let them calm down for a minute. It was one of those desperate moments. At times I feel like I am this crazy mom and everyone else is able to control their kids but me...but then I was looking around the garden and it was all moms of like one I felt a little better - that I was actually braving it with three boys...three very active boys. and maybe one day some of them will be in my shoes and a little less judgmental with their looks...

Anyway, despite that - they did enjoy the Japanese garden and sat and watched the koi fish for like a minute or I could almost relax..if you call holding the back of bobby's shirt every time he got close to the water relaxing. Plus it was a hot day by the end of the trip I was just exhausted. Seriously - next time I go back is with girlfriends - I have been there 4 times and there is still so much I haven't seen. My cousin has an annual pass and was telling us all kinds of interesting facts about the place and the original owner. It is all so fascinating. How anyone can be that wealthy is fascinating!

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