Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my dear devon...

we went for a walk the other day. i happen to live on the same street now that Devon did when she passed away. we pass her old house often on our walks and i try to remember the happy times there...not the chemo times. the parties she loved to throw...the girls nights...the just stopping by and saying hi and her always being so excited...the trashy TV nights....girl loved her some trash TV :) i tell my boys - "thats where Devon lived - do you remember her Bryson?" he always says yes :)
i still miss her incredibly. it hurts that i will never see my friend again. i have been crying...a lot.
i think i have been thinking of her so much lately because 3 years ago around this time she was forced by a co-worker to go to the ER because she had been having head-aches and had become dizzy. what she thought was maybe just stress turned out to be a "weird mass" and then a possible cyst and them a benign tumor and then a JPA tumor and then the most aggressive brain cancer there, of course was always the cancer - it just took her Kaiser doctors a few wrong guesses and several botched biopsies to know it...around this time she had her first brain surgery. she was so scared. so scared. i had never seen devon scared of anything and when i stopped by the hospital before she went into surgery to drop off a Bible (at her request) i could see the fear in her eyes and they started to water and i sat on her bed and held her hand and she just looked at me and cried. an you know what i told her? i'll never forget. "you're gunna be okay're gunna be fine. everything is going to be fine." i tried to be positive the entire time...i couldnt let myself believe that devon wouldnt be okay. i couldnt accept it until she told me it was glioma.
what else prompts this post is that i recently heard an interview on NPR about the internet and what happens when someone dies and their on-line content. it was an interesting discussion. They were talking about when to take it down - do you take it down? i can't seem to erase her phone number from my phone - her address from my contacts - her blog from my reader - her email from my group lists (it always bounces back, but sometimes i like to think she reads all her email in heaven) i visit her blog often - she didnt start keeping it until after she was diagnosed with cancer, but it brings me comfort and it makes me laugh and it feels like she is still around in a small way.
a friend was also saying that a lot of people turn facebook profiles of people who have passed into memorial sites. i am kind of a fan of this on-line memorializing. i think it makes the grieving process so much more communal and ongoing...because it i am a year and a half after she passed away still crying and yearning for her.
any thoughts on this either way?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my lazy garden (part 2: my garden boys)

i am lucky to have a *very* hot husband who is also not afraid to get dirty and dig up the entire backyard in one afternoon. he, in fact, enjoys it. he has a gardening problem...some people collect baseball cards or hats...he collects plants. at one point he ordered some crazy palm tree seeds on-line and germinated them for like 3 years...he has also ordered ladybugs on-line and mantis'...and this was all before we even had a backyard. we had a porch and he was doing this...i love that he enjoys it - i tease him quite a bit - but i love it and i love that we all can reap the benefits of his hard work.

so it was pretty joyous the other weekend to watch him and the boys join in. they had these shovels at Lowe's for $3.98 so bryan bought one for each of the boys.

in this picture they aren't really doing much of anything, but Bryson did help a bit...he is finally becoming useful :) i mean that in all the positive ways...i was telling Bry that this is why people have sons...i forget that one day they will actually be useful and not just super-destructo boys!

i was speaking of bryson...bodie is still in destruction mode...and loves to get in whatever he can...usually whatever he isn't supposed little grubby sneak!

here is the little gardener...goodness he is becoming quite the little heart aches a bit whenever i see pictures of him like this...looking all big...he is turning into quite a sweet little guy least tonight he was :)

the lazy garden (part 1)

i decided that because A) i am pregnant with my third child and 2) we got a late-ish spring start and F) i am lazy that we would forego all the seeds and trimming and waiting and just plant baby plants for our garden this year. the problem is that it is expensive...i feel so lavish planting a plant, rather than a seed...this is probably the last year we will do this too, i think because we had to dig everything up and add all the soil and all that we wanted the actual planting part to be somewhat instant gratification....and it was/is...(here is a pic of Bodie who "helped" with the garden...he likes to be one with the earth...

so here is the "before" pic (someone had planted an herb garden that got severely overgrown):
and here is the "after" pic:
some additional notes/specifics...

we used Mel's Mix (1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 organic compost) again - only this time we got it pre-mixed! we got it from a lady in fullerton and if you are interested in knowing where - email me (carleekajsa at gmail dot com) and i will give you her info (it was at her house and $10 a bag)  - i cant tell you the time it saved...not just from mixing, but from tracking down all the different ingredients and having to determine how much of each we would need since they all come in different cubic feet sizes....the math hurt my brain a bit. (my girlfriend Jen the SFG diva tells me that Lowe's here in LB may be selling it pre-mixed soon too!)

We used also the Square Foot Gardening techniques...(which we did last year - read the post here)

we made sure to plant a little of everything that we use a lot...strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, corn, green onions, watermelon, artichoke, lettuce, spinach, basil, green beans....

i always underestimate the time it takes to garden...this little plot took all day to dig up and re-soil and plant and i didn't even finish planting until the next day! but i am quite pleased with the we just need to be patient before we can reap the benefits!

Monday, March 29, 2010

plaid sash

with the leftovers of Bryson's tie i whipped up this obi sash from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. i also realize this is the first "belly pic" - thanks to bryson...i like these sashes...(i made one about a year ago) because belts are not usually comfortable with a bigger belly and because you can wash them!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

take that cute easter bonnets!

boys can have cute Easter projects too...even boys who protest the very idea of a tie. even boys who tell their mothers, "everyone's gunna laugh at me. little boys don't wear ties." even boys who will only put on this tie for a picture if the mother promises he can finish watching his movie.

even those boys. i was intent on making 3 ties for all the boys...which is no longer the plan for a couple reasons: 1) the plaid doesn't look as cool on the bias and B) the thing is a lot of cutting and a lot of hand sewing and a lot of ironing which are all things that must be done at evening time and i don't have a lot of those left before Easter! and III) the husband hates ties i would have 2 that hate ties and the little one who would probably end up strangling himself with it to get it off...maybe a tie-shirt for him?

i am just hoping i can get him to actually wear this on Easter Sunday....for like a minute hopefully? long enough for a family say in the distant future - oh look - i remember spending all that time and love hand sewing that tie for you...and you hated it...oh wait...i am doing that now...

P.S. - got it from the Purl Bee's Little Boy's Tie tutorial and pattern available here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i cant believe i am doing this again...

i mean a quilt...not this pregnancy...although at the moment, after a day like today, that too. but back to the quilt. i had no intention of doing/starting a quilt. in fact my "projects" box is overflowing with already cut pattern pieces and "need-to-do" birthday presents and my fabric bins are also overflowing and i certainly didnt need to go buying any fabric - just cause i fell in love with the gingham and the colors and thought how cute a comforter that would make...certainly i didnt need to do that. but that is, in fact, precisely what i did the other week and for a week have been cutting little 5x5 inch squares....garrr...right now i am pretty mad at myself for starting this cause i cant stop!

i am completely blaming this on pregnancy hormones. because this is a little shade of crazy right now. i have this awkward obsession at the moment with aqua and orange and is overtaking my closet and the boys' room and it just makes me i found this gingham and wanted to just marry them all. it is satisfying some weird tick in my crafty brain i guess. so this is big and has taken quite a few of my evenings up, but i am pretty happy with it. i know i have to completely take out the last row because it is about a half inch off, but other than that i can live with the other mistakes. i still am undecided about the backing and have a lot of gingham leftover, that i am just obsessed with as well - it was only $2 a yard, so its not like i went too nutzoid...but still. i need someone to snap me out of it and keep me on track. i have a craft fair coming up and at this rate i am not going to have anything in my booth!

so all this rambling to say - i need your help...i have a brown gingham that i was originally thinking of using as the backing - not sure if it is too harsh...i was thinking a gray linen border that would match the big gray linen squares and then strips of the gray and brown gingham on the back...i guess at the time i was thinking it could be reversible if the colors change in the room...but also - i do have all the gingham in the quilt leftover...or i could do just a plain white back...and i am crafted out at this point and need some please...HELP!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a word on composting...and worm poop...good ol' worm poop

dont tell my mom, but we left our old compost bin at our old house. it was a trash can that my husband drilled holes in and we would manually turn it every so often. i cant remember if we ever added worms. but it became neglected (around the time Bodie was born...hmmm...imagine that) and too much work so we left it.

we just planted our garden this last weekend (pics and posts to follow soon promise) and my BIL gave us some wonderful worm poop (pic of said poop to the right) to help boost our garden and so we have been trying to find the best way to compost. My BIL Pete took a class on composting and is super into it and his worms...which i dont blame him...worm poop is pretty awesome stuff.

The thing with the composter is - I dont want one that is a lot of manual labor...and that takes forever to produce....and that will get filled too quickly. basically - i want a lazy-woman's go along with our lazy garden :)

a girlfriend shared this with me a year ago and i have been dreaming of one ever since - The Nature Mill Compost - ohmigosh...this is oh so perfect for me - it can compost up to 120 lbs a month of kitchen scraps! and you can compost meat and dairy too! it makes it in 2 weeks! now you ready for this...its $300! so...there are a few other things we could be spending $300 on right now...maybe bryan will get this for me for a birthday present or something super romantic like that :)

if you are interested in composting and live in long beach check out our environmental services webpage on composting here - if you aren't in LB, then perhaps your local city's environmental services have a similar thing going on? you can purchase a composter and they will just tag it on your bill...even if you live in an apartment they have options for you.

we are thinking of the earth machine (pictured right) not only does it look like a darth vader also is only $40 - has a convenient harvest door and i believe it supports vermicomposting.

we havent purchased anything yet, so if you have any other brilliant ideas - let me know! i am all for letting our little wormies do all the work and i can just reap the benefits...

Bryson Golfing

you've heard me talk about my boys and golf quite a bit...i am so excited Bryan finally uploaded some videos...he took this one with his phone, so its not the best quality, but hopefully you can still see him take a shot. this is when Bryan took him golfing last week to a par 3 / 9 hole course. i think Bryan said his score was 72 :) i think its funny he kept score. anyway - this is him on the last hole.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frog and Lizard Wreath

This actually happens quite a bit in my house...where i  get the urge to create something really girly and cute and then Bryson objects with a much dirtier and boy-ier idea...

i had purchased this foam wreath at a craft store a while back with thoughts of a beautiful Spring flower-y wreath...well after watching an episode of LIFE last night Bryson decided that a bug wreath would be much better...

Please excuse the poor quality pics. alls i did was wrap some yarn (in about 3' long pieces and tied the ends in the back together) around the wreath and glue gun on the $1 store frogs...

Voila! a perfect wreath for the boys' room door...

Monday, March 22, 2010

too cute not to....

i mean come on...

Sweet 16

this is what 16 looks like
isnt the cake adorable? katie's aunt tawny made it...she learned how on cute!

this is 16 and her mama...
whom i expect looked probably identical to her at 16 as well! maybe with poofier bangs...and acid wash jeans...that were Bongo...

and this is 16 with her friend and boyfriend who i suppose get together and practice eye rolling techniques...

and this solves the mystery of where my boys get it...its clearly a johnson thing...

and this nose-picking boy was much more interested in trying to dive in the pool than anything else going on...for the entire party someone was doing this...

which caused this...

toddlers are just so precious :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Weekend!! Random Post!

we are experiencing this crazy beautiful sunny weather...not to rub it in to those of you still shoveling snow, but i think everyone around here is planning a very Spring-ish weekend! 

**i have a HOT date tonight...we are going to see this in IMAX at a 21+ screening...wuu! has anyone seen this? is it amazing/disappointing? i am a big tim burton i have high hopes...and tim burton in 3D - what? can you say RAD?

**tomorrow is my niece Katlyn's 16th birthday party....16!!! what??? i remember when she was a chubby little grubby baby and now she is 16 and rolling her eyes and texting and going to be DRIVING!!! excuse me while i have a little heart attack! 

**Bryan took Bryson on a par 3 course yesterday...looks like he needs to work on his short game, but when i asked him how he did he said, "i hit the ball like 4 miles" he already sounds like a golfer!

**i finally am feeling this baby move around and its so exciting...i know it wont be in a little while...but right now its the best feeling in the world! oh and my friend meredith's mother predicted the baby to be a girl...she has a 100% accuracy i am off to paint the nursery pink...j/k i dont have a nursery...

**we are also planning to start our garden this to find some pre-packaged mel's mix...this is going to be a lazy-man's garden...but excited to carve out some growing space!

**hope you all have a great weekend too! hope a little Spring comes to you!

Peter Fernandez and Christmas Past

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the clapping song

"the line broke the monkey got choked and they all went to heaven in a little rowboat" these are the words that came out of bryson's mouth in the bath last night...what? i laughed...i asked him what he was singing...he told me the clapping i found it is...3-6-9 the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line...they play it on the kids station on XM that we like to listen to - Kid's Place Live - its pretty much the best song ever...hope you like it!

bodie and the hybrid

it starts early in the morning. if he gets a chance to escape outside he pounces. he hunts all over for his special club...the hybrid. only this club will do folks...only this club. none other keep his attention ALL day. literally ALL day he would hold that thing if i let him.

he knows how to put the ball on the tee and he swings as best he can...and makes contact about 85% of the time...which is a better stat than i could probably say for myself.

i never knew having a backyard would mean the beginning of an obsession for both my boys. Bodie will not put this club down for anyone or anything. i had to get Bryson a new one just to stop the constant fighting...bad parenting? i dont was worth it!

he even bounces with it. i am very excited for bryson, however (bodie will have to wait a couple years) bryan is signing him up for a golf class through parks and rec to learn the fundamentals of the game. i think he is at about the skill level where bryan can take him on the course...i believe they will evaluate him at the an afternoon of Bodie and i will be nice and an afternoon of father and son will be much appreciated i am sure!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

village takes a freakin city!

i have been trying to collect some thoughts bouncing around in my head lately. i find myself tonight in a quiet house...which in itself is a rare event...but the normal distractions are not appeasing me, so i thought i might try to make sense of some things...bear with me...

last week i had an appointment in orange county near the irvine spectrum and took my boys there to kill some time before bodie's nap. i found myself sitting at a table next to three moms and their young babies. they all each had one and all were around 1 year old. each of the moms was wearing a sweater set of some sort - i think one even had a pearl necklace...and two of them had those protective high chair thingies on their high chairs and they brought their own placemats. whatever...that is fine...i think what struck me is how odd i felt next to them (because i was literally seated at the next table) i grew up in orange county, why do these moms seem so foreign to me? why do i look like such a ragamuffin now? their kids were dressed all matching and cute and my boys were both wearing shirts i had made them and looked their normal adorable grubby selves.

it wasnt a judgement thing on them or myself. it didnt make me feel bad or good being next to them and i didnt look at them in a bad or good way...although i must say i cant stand those high-chair/stroller protective things...i think they are a good idea, but the thought of having to carry one around in my car all the time and deal with washing it and gahhh it just seems like such unnecessary work....i just let my kids get swine flu and bitch about it - thats how i roll! anyway...back to the not-judging...ha! - i love it when my mom and her sister get together and one of them may say something caddy and the other will inevitably say, "dont you wish everyone were as perfect as us?" in a joking matter...i use it now with my humbles us and makes us laugh and terrifies us because we are turning into them!

i guess what has been rolling around in my brain is that i have somehow been finding my way around this parenting thing for the past 4.5 years through the help of MANY women and i think i felt a sense of confidence that i didnt look at those women with any sort of jealousy or longing...or pity for that matter.

im NOT saying i have any clue as to what i am doing...i dont think i would ever be so bold. i am saying that i may look different than a lot of moms out there...i may act different and discipline differently than what is the "trend" of parenting..i may have a lot of beliefs that are more traditional and less "progressive"...but i do feel confident in my support system of other competent moms...including my own mom who help to keep me on track. i think it is so important and will never tiring of telling other moms out there to seek that. MOPS is a great place to start if you dont know where - also Yahoo groups has worked well for a lot of other mamas i know. i think i remember back to when i first had Bryson and didnt really know other moms in my area and it felt so lonely...and scary...and i was no where near confident in anything i was doing...and i think if myself as a mom then could see myself as a mom now she might be a little less scared...i dont know.

im saying all this through the lens of my third pregnancy and expecting our third baby and being just a bit more than a little freaked out about it. not that i dont think i can handle pretty sure we'll be fine...people have done a lot more with a lot less...but i have no doubt that this will probably be the most challenging chapter in my life so far and will stretch myself and my marriage to limits it has not yet seen...the thing that keeps my heart and soul from erupting with anxiety is that i know how grounded we are in our faith and that helps us not get too full of ourselves and with that i know we will ultimately be okay...that and coffee...

Monday, March 15, 2010

My lil' zebra

The Pink Parlour Craft Fair Review and Recap i told you before...friendkidly was at The Pink Parlour craft fair at the Santa Anita Racetrack yesterday - Sunday...We found out about a week and a half ago that we were doing it, so not much time to prepare, but off we went!
(do you see our bargain wagon? aren't we genius? except kids all day wanted to play in it and i think it ticked off the mamas...ha!)

it was linsey and i all day...which is always nice to be able to sit and relax with a girlfriend without being interrupted by little munchkins all day...we wish we were interrupted more by customers all day, but that is a different story.
(BTW - can you see her darling skirts here?)

it was family day at the races, so our hubbys and babes came and enjoyed the bounce house and junk food and our hubbys wagered a few i think all were entertained to some degree, which is nice - its usually not a fun-filled day for dad and the boys at a craft fair...dunno why! thats my kind of day!

so here is the low-down...this was definitely NOT our crowd. not a lot of mamas...more like a lot of rock-a-billy single gals and guys wearing their flower hair accessories...the girls wore the flowers...not the guys...anyway...across from us was a corset booth that got all sorts of crazy that should tell you something...the moms that were there were dressed to say it? not our style? their kids wore little skulls and had shirts that said "i love my mom and her tattoos" and the boys were wearing Ed Hardy-like shirts...i dunno...definitely not "cutesy homemade" like we do...i hope that doesnt sound judgemental...i'm just saying that we werent the best fit for this show...

so we know our crowd for sure better now...i think Patchwork is definitely a better fit for us...we did sell some stuff, but definitely a let down as far as sales went... is always energizing for me to see this community of DO-ers and MAKE-ers and crafters - the people we meet and the things they make are always encouraging! it is such a cool community to be a part of and a huge reason why i keep doing it even though i make no money...

I think we will stick to shows that seem to be a better fit...or else i will learn how to make corsets and flower hair accessories...and skull onesies...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

fuzzi bunz one size review

so finally...i got one! i needed to...what with my boy growing so much and what with this baby on his heels - i will have 2 clothed bums and i dont even want to think about the laundry...i dont know why i am constantly surprised by the amount of laundry boys go would think i'd be over it by now, but no - its craziness...there are hardly any days where we can NOT wash an item of their clothing...and i will look at their clothes at the end of the day like, "what? when did you drink a dirt shake?" what was i talking about again? oh i was going to review the Fuzzi Bunz one-size pocket cloth diapers. this is a sort of follow up to my Cloth Diaper Review - in case you never read it...

in short - i love them! I am going to order 6 of them soon, and probably 6 more after baby comes because i will be that lazy with the laundry :) 

in long - here is the scoop on them. first the negative: they are the same size (well actually a tad narrower) than the fuzzi bunz original medium and quite a bit smaller than the fuzzi bunz large (which Bodie being 26 lbs now wears - but he can also still fit the medium as well). i would have wished them to be a bit longer and wider to start...its not a problem now, but if this boy continues on his growth nonsense then he will be wearing a towel with some pins...

so here is the one size fuzzi bunz on top of a fuzzi bunz size LARGE you can see the difference...

here is the fuzzi bunz one size (far right) next to (from left) a fuzzi bunz size MED and a Bum Genius One Size Diaper (of which they are about the same size as well)

here is the fuzzi bunz one size on top of the fuzzi bunz size MED for comparison

and here is the schnazzy way they adjust - a pocket elastic on the inside - (which i like much better than the bum genius and all the snaps and having to adjust the inserts and sometimes them coming undone in the wash, etc)

so for the positive - i am really impressed with the diaper...if one can say that with passion i believe i just did...i definitely prefer it over the bum genius and over the old school fuzzi bunz...mainly for their beautiful insert...they are amazing...they hold like one more pee than the rest...thats exciting people! anyway - hope this helps make up some of your minds...please feel free to comment as always and email if you have anything to add!

vintage scrap dresses

i dont know if it translates via pictures how adorable these little dresses are! a while ago - i think a little before Christmas - on a San Jose trip one of the Barnes' family friends dropped by a box of scraps from her sewing adventures in the late 70s early when my mom used to sew :) in fact i recognized some of the fabric. She intended it for my sister-in-law Kimmy who makes these rad bags ::available for purchase on etsy :) :: but Kimmy could not use a lot of it...really i think she saw me salivating all over the box and was like, ewwww...take that you licked it i may not use it.

thanks kimmy...i have been having so much fun using up the fabric on horsies and skirts and dresses...i made 2 headbands from it and have started a scrap quilt as well. its so fun to use it up all the while wondering what it was originally used for and even what the rest of it was intended for. its even more fun knowing that it all was free!

i didnt intend to use the flower girl pattern, but the size of my scraps only allowed for this pattern that it had and i think they are very 70s fitting dont you?

i think that if these don't sell on Sunday i just may keep them around until August...just in case...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bryson Fighting Sleep...Again

okay - this is must watch it all the way through... thru? through looks weird now...sad...anyway - back in ol' 2008 i blogged about Bryson and his sleep and put a link to the first case you wanted to see part is the follow up to that taken on Christmas Eve- i love this video because it captures his little spirit so well...i know we are a little mean...but you gotta know him to know he can handle it :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


pregnancy is the weirdest thing...i can have a day like yesterday where the most productive thing i did all day was put a load of laundry in the dryer...didnt take it out of the dryer mind you...just dried it. i also went to church i guess...but then later i got out of the bath and laid on my bed in my towel for 2 hours because i was so overwhelmingly tired and nauseated....

and then i can have a day like today...where i finished aforementioned laundry and went for a 4 mile walk and ran all my errands and managed to sew up a storm...and its 10:00 pm and i still have energy. so so strange.

so i take what i can get and when i have energy i put it to the test and roll with it! the reason for the sew storm is that friendkidly is in their first craft fair of 2010 -- this Sunday March 14th -  the pink parlour at the Santa Anita race track. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend in the socal area - stop on by! its family fun day at the race track and there are races going on, plus an arts and craft fair...should be fun! plus we will be other excuse do you need?

i had fun tonight - i sewed up some dopey horsies, which i haven't done for a long time. i actually made them as gifts for a couple of friends coming up. in fact, most everything i made has an intended person - if i sell it then i can make another - if i dont then i am ahead of myself for once!

i also went through one of my fabric bins that i havent opened since we moved...i rediscovered all this great vintage scrap material - which is how i made the horsies and the raggedy-ann and andy shirts. anyway - we are very excited to get out there again and meet some interesting people and get some feedback on the stuff we make - always fun to interact with actual adults...

 so hope to see you on Sunday - we will have a table not a booth, so come find us and support handmade!

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

holy crap! did you see the oscars...they stunk...i am still super super mad that Inglourious Basterds got so dumped...but that is a whole nother rant...i am not happy though....i even growled at one point...and groaned at all the politics seeping out annoying - this is ENTERTAINMENT people!!! but one thing made me very very happy - the dance sequence the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers performed to all the score nominees...did you see it? you will be able to here: - you can view their past performances on SYTYCD and at the TED conference...

anyway - i actually heard about this long ago. our friend Iris from college is the production director of the movie. i am so stoked for her - she has busted her booty out here in LA for almost 10 years - i am really hoping this makes it for go see Moments to support Iris...k? oh and also go see it because it looks amazing! you can also view the trailer for the movie on the LXD website -

i am beyond excited for this movie...for this collaboration of dance they are doing. it is truly groundbreaking and i think it can bring more contemporary and even classical forms of dance more mainstream...perhaps even more so than SYTYCD...i am not sure the release date - so feel free to comment if you know or if you have heard anything or if you even want to rant about the sucky sucky oscars...or even if you want to tell me how wrong i am and how hurt locker totally deserved could have a point, especially since i didnt even see it...:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rebourne Sweater Vest boys are golfers. its fine. really. a lifetime of lonely saturday mornings is not that bad. in fact if this one is a boy too (likely) and a golfer (even more likely...boy or girl for that matter) i can look forward to saturday mommy about 5 years...but

okay back to reality...laundry and diapers and chasing after this little guy all day. he's a climber. and the tough part is that he is a quiet sneaky one. bryson is loud all the time, so when it got quiet i knew there was trouble brewing...but this one...he is sneaky...i will be doing something and turn around and he is on his knees on the dining room table so happy.

and he loves it outside. he loves golf...i needed to get both of the boys some golf clothes...especially bryson, but bodie should look the part i couldn't resist this upcycled sweater vest by Rebourne. her stuff is so adorable. i love it when people can do what she does...i on the other hand keep a garbage bag of old clothes for months promising i am going to turn them all into something amazing and then get overwhelmed and off they go to the Goodwill.

i also love her wet diaper bag - so much more stylish than my current one - perfect to keep the soiled cloth diapers in when you are out and about!

So check out her shop - support handmade!