Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - The Lake Bed in Yorba Linda

I grew up in an older part of Yorba Linda where it was completely normal to see someone riding a horse to 7-11 and a peacock in your backyard that had escaped from the neighbor's aviary. There is an old lakebed near the house I grew up in and it has trails all around- popular for horses and was our favorite spot to ride bikes. I remembered there being a clearing at one point and people (probably my brother and his friends) built up ramps to jump, etc. We walked around a while and I could not find them anywhere...I think all the brush grew up where they were...not sure, but a second inspection is indeed needed! Next time I go will be earlier in the day when the boys are fresher and perhaps not such a hot day either! They had such a blast though - the second we got there they just took off - such freedom they rarely get biking in our urban neighborhood- their freedom and energy was inspiring, especially being in a childhood spot where I remember that feeling as well. 

I walked and they rode their bikes (bobby had the balance bike) and we found a rope swing and some hills to brave down. I didn't think Bobby would attempt to go down (first mistake) so I didnt think to teach him how and sure enough, there he went and ended up basically on his stomach riding down this big hill, i thought surely he was going to eat it in a big briar patch, but somehow he made it all the way down unscathed. He is my Mr. Magoo I tell you! At one point we found a shady spot to eat our lunch. I got the willies as I remembered all the ghost stories we used to tell about this place and hearing a big scuffle in a nearby bush. I don't normally get nervous or afraid even hiking or running on trails, but definitely felt vulnerable sitting there and another feeling from childhood washed over me.

Some of my favorite memories with my boys are just exploring areas like this. I pack them away in my special memory chest in my heart because not every day is filled with these kind of memories, especially a day like yesterday as I was cleaning poop off of the seat in my sister's car after an unfortunate bobby blow it is times like these I want to remember forever. The freedom, the exploration, the wonder of the smallest insect and the thrill of a rope swing.

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