Monday, August 26, 2013

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I hate raising prices...I seriously am the worst business owner ever because I constantly undermine my value because I hate charging prices I wouldn't pay myself for something. And if we are being honest, I wish I could just give them away...but then my credit card bills would start screaming at me...But, recently I was sort of busted that I was charging $4 less for my zoodies than what an American Apparel sweatshirt would cost ALONE! so basically I have not been charging anything for my time or materials...sooooo...I was politely asked to raise the prices. I told them I would do it first thing in September, so this is your last chance - Don't say I didn't warn you! If you were planning on these as Christmas gifts, better order what is in stock now! (Custom Orders or orders that aren't already made will be priced differently)

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Daybook Entry - August

(This entry is inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window...Beautiful end of summer weather. It has been on that cusp of changing into cooler evenings and chilly mornings. Loving it! 

I am thinking...a lot about the future...

I am thankful...for a wonderful week of get togethers with old friends and new friends and forever friends!

In the wonderful husband made me an amazing salad for dinner...also leftovers ALL week!

I am wearing...leggings and a dress - it was officially chilly this morning!

I am creating...zoodies and home decor - a renewed interest in making parts of my home beautiful that have bothered me for far too long!

I am make the most of the last couple weeks of summer!

I am wondering...what is in store the next couple of weeks with THREE kids in school for the first time!

I am reading...Insurgent by Veronica Roth - a YA dystopian book to successfully distract me

I am find a rhythm rather quickly with our new school year!

I am looking forward to...Fall! and all it brings, holidays, birthdays, chillier weather, soup! Chili! 

I am sloooooow down...or trying at least!

Around the house...signs of a good weekend!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Marine Vista Park

Marine Vista Park is like a second home - whether it's farmers market, or soccer/baseball/golf practice, or just a place to let the littles out during errand runs to get the crazy out...we frequent this park...uhh..frequently, ha! It is getting more challenging with their different ages taking them to a park where all 3 are entertained. Right now the biggest success of doing that is taking them to a skate park. But just a regular park with grass and a playground isn't too exciting for my almost-eight-year-old.  I need to be creative with that one - pack a scooter/skateboard/fishing rod or in the case of yesterday, a boomerang. the boomerang was fun while it lasted, but he got it taken away for a year because he did what he did with it the first time he got it (after several lectures of exactly where and how to throw it) and it came super close to hitting people sitting on a bench. he felt super bad and knew immediately he was in trouble. i just don't know with this kid sometimes...its not defiance...its more of an attitude that he makes his own rules or he already knows better than a teenager...not sure if its an oldest child thing, or a distinctly bryson thing, but he is definitely receiving the bulk of our parenting energy these days. 

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Summer Journal Entry - The O.C. Fair

Another childhood tradition - the o.c. fair. We go every year - my husband is such a good sport (see last picture) he is the designated ride go-on-er and always with a smile. He is also the best at carny games - I try to deter the games because I loathe stuffed animals (so mean, huh? well have your family get lice 3 times and tell me you still love them). We have a few things we usually do every year - we have to do the photo booth, we have to get some gross fair food (i had a corn dog for the first time in a loooong time and LOVED it...only at the fair!) we have to see the animals and we have to visit the carnival of products...or what is it called? the place where the people do the demonstrations of the knives and sham-wow and things...that is bryan's favorite part. Mine is the craft building of course...but it's not enjoyable with kids to me, so I will wait till they are a bit older and go when i have time to stroll around and ooh and aaah over the quilts. 

I am happy we went on a Thursday - so much more enjoyable than a weekend, but it was still pretty packed. The most unfortunate part of the day was when Bryson brought his $20 bill to play the fish game to win a fish and found out that he lost it. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Bryan had told him to get a wallet - i swear we have given that boy like 10 wallets...and he couldn't find one and he learned an important need to be careful with your money. Episodes like this tend to ruin his entire day...he is definitely our most emotionally charged child...and he did cry and was pretty devastated, especially when I explained to him that I did not have an extra $20 to give him and no I wouldn't pay $10 for him to play the fish game, especially when you can go buy a beta fish for $4...but also because we don't need a fish...but he pulled through and was able to change his attitude and I was so proud...progress people! 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - The Lake Bed in Yorba Linda

I grew up in an older part of Yorba Linda where it was completely normal to see someone riding a horse to 7-11 and a peacock in your backyard that had escaped from the neighbor's aviary. There is an old lakebed near the house I grew up in and it has trails all around- popular for horses and was our favorite spot to ride bikes. I remembered there being a clearing at one point and people (probably my brother and his friends) built up ramps to jump, etc. We walked around a while and I could not find them anywhere...I think all the brush grew up where they were...not sure, but a second inspection is indeed needed! Next time I go will be earlier in the day when the boys are fresher and perhaps not such a hot day either! They had such a blast though - the second we got there they just took off - such freedom they rarely get biking in our urban neighborhood- their freedom and energy was inspiring, especially being in a childhood spot where I remember that feeling as well. 

I walked and they rode their bikes (bobby had the balance bike) and we found a rope swing and some hills to brave down. I didn't think Bobby would attempt to go down (first mistake) so I didnt think to teach him how and sure enough, there he went and ended up basically on his stomach riding down this big hill, i thought surely he was going to eat it in a big briar patch, but somehow he made it all the way down unscathed. He is my Mr. Magoo I tell you! At one point we found a shady spot to eat our lunch. I got the willies as I remembered all the ghost stories we used to tell about this place and hearing a big scuffle in a nearby bush. I don't normally get nervous or afraid even hiking or running on trails, but definitely felt vulnerable sitting there and another feeling from childhood washed over me.

Some of my favorite memories with my boys are just exploring areas like this. I pack them away in my special memory chest in my heart because not every day is filled with these kind of memories, especially a day like yesterday as I was cleaning poop off of the seat in my sister's car after an unfortunate bobby blow it is times like these I want to remember forever. The freedom, the exploration, the wonder of the smallest insect and the thrill of a rope swing.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Adventure Playground Huntington Beach

The entire time I was at this place I couldn't help but be transported back to my childhood. My backyard...the wood pile, the treehouses, the mud...ahhh...such sweet memories and now the mom in me is like, what were my parents thinking letting us run around in wood piles and rusty nails and black widows...

The boys loved it, but mainly just the building part - they had no interest in the mud slide or the mud/raft portion of the playground. We did manage to get them to go down the mudslide, which consisted of a tarp-like thing draped down a hill while someone squirted your child with a hose and then they land in a big muddy puddle. i think it sounds cooler than it was? second child almost cried after, but they were fine and went back to happily building. Every child received a hammer and 3 nails (your kids have to be 5+ to go - i left bobby at home BTW) and if you are over 8 years old you can use a saw. we had to get going and they were so upset to leave - they really could have stayed another few hours, but i promised them they could build in our backyard, so that worked. the rest of the afternoon was spent by bodie nailing nails into a piece of wood happily and bryson trying to build his own treehouse. I love places like this that inspire them on their own. if I suggested they do that, it wouldn't be as cool, surely. 

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