Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Adventure Playground Huntington Beach

The entire time I was at this place I couldn't help but be transported back to my childhood. My backyard...the wood pile, the treehouses, the mud...ahhh...such sweet memories and now the mom in me is like, what were my parents thinking letting us run around in wood piles and rusty nails and black widows...

The boys loved it, but mainly just the building part - they had no interest in the mud slide or the mud/raft portion of the playground. We did manage to get them to go down the mudslide, which consisted of a tarp-like thing draped down a hill while someone squirted your child with a hose and then they land in a big muddy puddle. i think it sounds cooler than it was? second child almost cried after, but they were fine and went back to happily building. Every child received a hammer and 3 nails (your kids have to be 5+ to go - i left bobby at home BTW) and if you are over 8 years old you can use a saw. we had to get going and they were so upset to leave - they really could have stayed another few hours, but i promised them they could build in our backyard, so that worked. the rest of the afternoon was spent by bodie nailing nails into a piece of wood happily and bryson trying to build his own treehouse. I love places like this that inspire them on their own. if I suggested they do that, it wouldn't be as cool, surely. 

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