Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - carbon canyon regional park

He has been taking his (my) rod everywhere and always attracts a little following of older boys at every place we go! 
Bobby...always on the edge...always...sigh
He will do this all day if he could!

Last monday I took the boys to Carbon Canyon Regional Park. I haven't been to that park since I was younger, and I knew Bryson would appreciate the lake. And I had it in my memory that the lake wasn't gross duck poop everywhere lake, like so many around our area...and I am glad I made the trek. We could have easily spent a few more hours there - and I was wishing I brought a book and a blanket because I just parked between bryson fishing at the lake and the two littles playing on the HUGE playground (there are actually 4 playgrounds all close to each other). Parking was $3 - but other than that we had a pretty cheap day! Bryson didn't catch anything, so he was a little bummed (i think he expects he is going to catch a fish every time...i told him if that were the case they would call it "catching" not "fishing" - he didn't get it)

I also brought scooters and bodie's bike and they enjoyed finding all the hills to bomb. It was a pretty park - well maintained and lots of shade. Definitely would go back if we find ourselves in the area again!

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