Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - The O.C. Fair

Another childhood tradition - the o.c. fair. We go every year - my husband is such a good sport (see last picture) he is the designated ride go-on-er and always with a smile. He is also the best at carny games - I try to deter the games because I loathe stuffed animals (so mean, huh? well have your family get lice 3 times and tell me you still love them). We have a few things we usually do every year - we have to do the photo booth, we have to get some gross fair food (i had a corn dog for the first time in a loooong time and LOVED it...only at the fair!) we have to see the animals and we have to visit the carnival of products...or what is it called? the place where the people do the demonstrations of the knives and sham-wow and things...that is bryan's favorite part. Mine is the craft building of course...but it's not enjoyable with kids to me, so I will wait till they are a bit older and go when i have time to stroll around and ooh and aaah over the quilts. 

I am happy we went on a Thursday - so much more enjoyable than a weekend, but it was still pretty packed. The most unfortunate part of the day was when Bryson brought his $20 bill to play the fish game to win a fish and found out that he lost it. It must have fallen out of his pocket. Bryan had told him to get a wallet - i swear we have given that boy like 10 wallets...and he couldn't find one and he learned an important need to be careful with your money. Episodes like this tend to ruin his entire day...he is definitely our most emotionally charged child...and he did cry and was pretty devastated, especially when I explained to him that I did not have an extra $20 to give him and no I wouldn't pay $10 for him to play the fish game, especially when you can go buy a beta fish for $4...but also because we don't need a fish...but he pulled through and was able to change his attitude and I was so proud...progress people! 

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