Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - La Habra Children's Museum

I am now officially out of order since this field trip happened last week, but that is okay...I am actually blogging - that is amazing stuff enough!

So I had never heard about this little museum until this year...and I really wish I had. Although I thought it was way overpriced for what it was ($7 per person ages 2 and up)...it was a cute little museum to pass the morning hours and spark good conversation and imaginary play.

This museum, in my opinion, is best for ages 5 and under. Bryson (age 7) was a little bored...plus upset that he couldn't ride the carousel. I feel like if I just had the younger kids we could have spent a lot longer here exploring the different rooms. Bryson sets the pace for the younger boys and if he deems something as boring or if he moves on, then the little ones follow suit (which can be both frustrating at times and also awesome at times)

The museum has 8 rooms - all with different themes. There are so many different interests covered - biological sciences, model trains, natural history, theater/dress-up, earth science, history - you are guaranteed to find a room your kid loves! Surprisingly, my kids spent the most time in the toddler room playing with the giant building blocks. Go figure...

There is also a tour of the trains outside of the museum that i know my boys would have loved, but it didnt start until 1:00 - which is during a certain 2 year olds nap time...so sadly, we had to miss it. There was a lovely bench in the shade and a play area in the back of the museum though that enjoyed our lunch at. I don't know that I would be returning again, but if i lived closer and had younger children - I would definitely get the year pass - you only have to go a few times to make up the cost!

(To See Bryson's Summer Journal Post about the museum - Click HERE)

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