Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Marine Vista Park

Marine Vista Park is like a second home - whether it's farmers market, or soccer/baseball/golf practice, or just a place to let the littles out during errand runs to get the crazy out...we frequent this park...uhh..frequently, ha! It is getting more challenging with their different ages taking them to a park where all 3 are entertained. Right now the biggest success of doing that is taking them to a skate park. But just a regular park with grass and a playground isn't too exciting for my almost-eight-year-old.  I need to be creative with that one - pack a scooter/skateboard/fishing rod or in the case of yesterday, a boomerang. the boomerang was fun while it lasted, but he got it taken away for a year because he did what he did with it the first time he got it (after several lectures of exactly where and how to throw it) and it came super close to hitting people sitting on a bench. he felt super bad and knew immediately he was in trouble. i just don't know with this kid sometimes...its not defiance...its more of an attitude that he makes his own rules or he already knows better than a teenager...not sure if its an oldest child thing, or a distinctly bryson thing, but he is definitely receiving the bulk of our parenting energy these days. 

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