Monday, November 30, 2009

thank you God for Heat n Bond...

gearin up for the craft fair this week! got some new items that will be posted to the shop if they don't sell...or maybe some will inhabit Bodie's wardrobe...not sure yet! i had to make do with some of the onesies and shirts piling up and had a lot of fun just piecing together some little goodies! i really like how the little Christmas tree one turned out. i intended on decorating the tree, but then after i put it together i didn't want to ruin the simplicity of it...still undecided..but i still have a lot to do before Thursday! i am hearing good things about all the vendors at this little craft fair...should be good times, and some of the proceeds go to charity, so you can consume and feel good about it!

skunk hoodie

i realize i never posted the rest of my "zoodies" - soon this little guy will be up in the shop too! (i also have a dino one that turned out so cute! perfect gift for that perfect little stinker! sizes available are 12 mo - adult sizes! (sweatshirt by American Apparel)

Craft Fair this Thur and Fri in Long Beach....Puh-Lease Go!!!

friendkidly will be there! hope to see you there too!

apple likes orange giveaway

just look at what linsey is giving away! enter now - so adorable! she is closing it soon...this afternoon - just visit the shop and leave her a comment at her blog!

one of the reasons i love visiting san jose...

we don't have trees like this down here...that do amazing things like turn the color of sunsets and spun gold! i wish i could have taken this tree home with us! bryson was picking up the leaves and throwing them over bodie's head and he was cracking up so hard...i was so shocked at how hard he was was the funniest thing to him! its good to be back and to Christmas out our place...our Thanksgiving was awesome and i will definitely post some more pics...very post-worthy...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

holiday to do list...

which seems to be ever growing!

1. the creamy pumpkin ale...needs to be bottled...and needs a better name...hmmm...any suggestions?
2. our yummy tangerine tree has already been picked and 4 HUGE trader joe bags have been filled and passed around and there are still plenty left...a harvest is needed and this recipe for marmalade is screaming to be made!!
3. headbands! i am loving these and these and these...i want to scour thrift stores (sans kids) and tear off old appliques from 80s dresses...perf!
4. some personalized hoodies and blankets
5. a sweet christmas dress for a sweet baby niece!
6. holiday bunting...almost finished!
7. tree trimming
8. soup...of course!
9. running...trails...remember that marathon? oh yeah...i nearly forgot...and i am scared my body has become a little too comfy! i believe a plan is in order!
10. wood fires, cinnamon, bread baking smells to fill the house

not sure it will all get done, but i would really love to make all our gifts or to buy homemade this holiday season instead of dashing through the stores and standing in the lines...whew...i got a lot to do!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thankful for...

*amazing in-laws
*hilarious family
*hot, smart, funny, caring, all-over wonderful husband
*2 of the coolest boys i know
*a trail run sans jogging stroller through a gorgeous fall-leaf lined creek trail this morning
*able-bodies and healthy bodies
*my sweet potatoes - i only had 3 helpings!
*turkey comas
*beautiful yellow trees
*wood burning fall smell in the air
*the beginning hints of Christmas
*another blessed year

hope your thanksgiving was filled with that thankful is to hoping to keep that thankful spirit alive through all the holiday madness!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bodie 11 Months

well...just one more month...until you probably start to walking and are no longer my baby...and you can have dairy...and face forward in your car seat - oh wait, we already did that...dont tell the fuzz...

we know that your favorite song is Boom Boom Pow - it can get you to dance and be happy no matter what kind of fit you throw. You like to talk more - you regularly say "da duh" (all done) and mama and dada and "keeee" (kitty) and "DUHN" (dont - with a finger sticking up in the air)

your little bottom teeth are cutting as i type...they arent your favorite teeth so far...i think they are giving you a bit of are pretty amazing in the car and you generally dont mind being in there...unless of course for long trips after you have already to San Jose for instance :) but you did amazingly on our last Thanksgiving trip up there.

your favorite time of day is still bath time. i have no clue how much you weigh, but if i had to guess i would say my back thinks you are about 23 or 24 pounds. you are struggling in the ergo facing me - you much prefer it on my back - this is evidenced by the way you throw your back so that you are upside down. this is not fun for my back...but fun for you...i guess.

you are so sweet to your brother - you light up when he is around and he is getting better at engaging you without hurting or scaring you...which is a step forward. i promise.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

some things...some holiday things...some handmade things

i have been keeping busy with some fun holiday orders and of course birthday and holiday gift making as well! i recently made this sweet little skirt set for one of november birthday girls and i wanted to snap a shot before off it went...i went with my mother to get her hair cut and started the stem and leaves - i think it took me about an hour and a half - the perfect solution to keeping idle hands busy! i wasn't sure at the time who it was going to or what was to top it, but it all came together and i am really proud of it - mainly because it was one of the first embroidery pieces i have done trying new stitches... 
I whipped up this skirt, which should not have taken me long at all, but i really wanted little details on it - like the hem - can you see? i think it adds a little sumpin was super fun to make. sometimes i get lost in a project and those are the ones i tend to love the most - the ones that make me forget to drink water and realize how late it is!

and this little headband became a frantic scrap project. i am realizing that my scrap pile is a little more than out of control. i have started to develop pack-rat like behaviors with fabric and its not good. there is no way - even if i didn't work and didn't have kids and had no life and didn't enjoy spending time with my husband could i ever find all the projects to do with my when i found this tutorial i fell in love with the idea! i need headbands...i have scraps...perfect marriage! so, of course, as is my style...i made 5 of them...3 for kids and 2 for adults and guess what is the next give-away?

a super sweet mama i met from our old park days asked me to embroider her Christmas set - i thought they turned out so well! i was a little nervous because i haven't perfected my machine quite yet, but it all worked out...i am also going to work on some stockings i have made myself as well and should hopefully post them soon.

anyway - this is what i have been having fun with! we are leaving on a road trip soon and i need to take a lot of portable projects so i have been trying to get my sewing done before its DECEMBER! so i am thinking knitting and more embroidery and handstitching...should make a 6 hour car ride with 2 young kids SO much more bearable!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

get your holiday orders in!

i have been receiving some holiday gift requests and just wanted to put it out there that NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER because i am a one-woman shop for the stuff i make, plus i have a list of my own gifts, so that being said - i would love to help make your holidays more handmade! i can ship too, but would love to complete all shipping orders in the next 3 weeks.

what i make and some requests i have had

1. emmeline aprons (reversible) - for mommies
2. animal hoodies 12 mo - size 6 (and adult sizes too i might add) - i make skunks, horsies, dinosaurs, monkies...and custom too!
3. dresses 6 mo - 4T- tie on one, reversible sun-dresses, smocks
4. bandana pants and pants sets - 18mo - 2T
5. custom order applique shirts
6. nursing aprons - for mommies
7. hair clips and headbands and bows
8. skirt sets - skirt and matching appliqued shirt

9. embroidery - embroidered stocking sets and tote bags

10. broomstick horsies

11. custom embroidered baby blankets - flannel on one side and minkie fleece on the other with baby's name and date of birth

plus - its affordable - most dresses are $25 - $35 and pant sets are around $20 - mommy aprons are $20-$30 - broomstick horsies are $20-$30- there is a family and friends discount too - so don't be afraid to ask! our etsy shop makes custom orders easily made and purchased all through paypal so you can pay by credit card if you wish- or feel free to directly contact me and we can work it out if you know me! the other friendkidly mamas are also very talented and LOVE custom orders as well - so if you like Linsey (Apple Likes Orange)'s twirl skirts or bunting or embroidery - or if you love Rashelle (Owl Fly Away)'s birthday crowns or carseat canopies PLEASE dont feel wierd about emailing me or posting a comment. I know that using a new-ish site like Etsy can be daunting to some, plus placing an order with someone you know may feel wierd, but that is exactly why we started our little side-business! so we would love to entertain all ideas and orders!

also - i am HORRIBLE at taking pictures of what all i make and posting them, so if you would like to see any pictures of any of the listed things that are not on this post or our shop - just ask - in the comments below or by emailing me at carleekajsa (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

glass castle weiner announcement

congrats to Rashelle for winning the give-away! I am curious to hear your thoughts on this special little book!

stay tuned for another give-away soon...

bryson's communist bday party

I have always felt a little guilty that Bryson hasn't had a birthday party with his friends until now...i guess that isnt true - his 2nd birthday party was at our park with all his park buddies...but it was indeed small and not a lot was different between his birthday and every other day at the park, except cupcakes and party favors. last year i had thought of throwing him a party, but with all the other birthdays in November and October - it just seemed like too much...we just had a small family get-together at my dad's instead.

This year Bryson has truly made friends and also truly understands the concept of birthday party, so it was a perfect year to do it big! We decided to team up with the Ballou's and Douglas' and Bryson, Asher, Ella-Jayne and Madeline all shared one big ol' party, one big ol' bounce house on only one Saturday (as opposed to 4) - i think it made many a parent happy...i know it made me happy!! only 1/3 of the planning and preparation was needed on my made the whole thing much less daunting...even though we did send invites to 120 people!

We ordered the *very* necessary HUGE bounce house - in which Bryson did not leave for 4 hours...except to open gifts and hit the pinata and do a sack race...we decided to open the gifts as the people come...much less hectic - and the parents didn't have to wait around for the kiddos to open their gift and there wasn't a million jealous kiddos crying that they want to play with such-and-such...very smart...

my wonderful husband took the pictures, but unfortunately i have none of the other birthday kiddos except Asher...this one is of them in time out...because bounce houses very much bring out the *boys* in boys. he actually had 3 time-outs that day...he is usually pretty good in bounce houses, but i think the fact he was pretty tired, plus a little sick, plus over-stimulated didnt help matters. but...the next day he laughed about it and didnt remember the trauma so that was good.

our college buddies - The Palmquists, Hurleys and Bartels came out to enjoy the party weekend as well (that night we all did a How to Host a Murder - more on that later) and the Hank and the Dex came along as well - always happy to have the Hank and the Dex... here is the Dex ---->

and here is the Hank

here is the Bryson wearing his party clothes. i had made him a 4 crown...before his party, which he loved and wore and lost and i didn't think to look for it until the night before the that morning at 7am i made him a new one...except instead of a "4" on it i put a "B". he was not a fan. so i told him i would make him a "4" sweater with a big "4" on the back. "NO" i want a "4" right here and a big "B" on the back...okay fine...7:30am i make him his sweater...the best part about this story is that we didnt even get a photo of him in his crown. i totally forgot to put it on him before we sang "happy birthday" - so i will put that crown on him and get a picture dern it!

so...there it was...there are also no pictures of the sack race and pinata because my dear husband was video-taping it...if i ever learn how to upload those videos i will post! yeah...when i have the time to do that...hardy har har...

anyway - yeah to 4! yeah that 3 is over...i mean we loved 3, but man...3 was rough at times too! so onto 4!  i LOVE 4 already!...4 year olds are the coolest...the best imaginations - the best stories - the best costumes on a daily basis...i look forward to what 4 brings...and i have no doubt our Bryson will bring it...he is a constant treasure trove of adventure and energy and excitement and challenges...lets be real...but i wouldnt have him any other way - his blend is the perfect blend for us and our family and for helping shape who we are as parents and people! he has helped us grow and love in ways i never knew imaginable - his constant quest for answers helps ignite life in me every day and his heart is so pure and sweet and constantly makes me want to be better for him! Bryson - live up your 4th year! we know you will!

Patchwork in Long Beach

Patchwork is finally coming to Long Beach! My girlfriend - the very savvy Angie Rebennack of The Outfit is helping sponsor the show! Friendkidly was able to participate last year in Santa Ana and it was such a blast! Come out November 29th to Marine Stadium in Long Beach to get your Christmas shopping done in one swoop! Here is more info!

Modern Frill Photography Photo Shoot

i was the very lucky winner of a gift certificate toward Modern Frill Photography. I have been oogling her (Christina Vejar's) work on the walls of my girlfriends and her website and was so excited to have a dern good excuse to book her! She was so sweet to work with, but if you want a chance too you are going to have to wait a bit because she also happens to be 6 months pregnant with TWINS! So maybe keep her in mind for next year's Christmas cards or family photo shoot :)

To be honest, i had been apprehensive on taking professional pictures of my kids or us as a family for some reason...i guess i know/feel/hope our family is not complete and feel like it would be jumping the gun or something. but after seeing so many beautiful and precious professional family photographs, which capture a moment in time it made me realize that it is more about documenting and capturing the journey than a super shot of the "all encompassing Barnes family" which is more daunting really.

i loved the process - it is so nice to work with a photographer who is so laid back and more about capturing the spirit than worried that your 4 year old is now running away or knee deep in mud or that now you have to nurse your baby because he has had enough- she just rolls with it...we had just had pictures done in a studio (more on that later) and it was such a HORRIFIC process - it was so nice to go to a park and do what we do and have fun doing it! i loved the way all the pictures turned out and wished i could hang them all up on my walls...without being completely are a few shots - check out more on her blog...

(all photos are copyright of Modern Frill Photography and taken by Christina Vejar)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my amazing step-grandma

so apart from being one of the most gorgeous mature ladies i know, i just accidentally discovered that she is a big supporter of PATHways - there is even a family center named after her! i have admired the organization and finally got a chance to work with them doing a square foot garden with our church this past summer. i am so blown away by the transitional house they recently built here in Long Beach at the Villages at Cabrillo.

you may know her - and by her i mean of course Rhonda Fleming - by her dozens of movies and musicals -for a list just go here...(PS - I ripped all these movie shots off of her website - my favorites are Spellbound, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and The Redhead and the Cowboy...definitely must-sees...i love that era of movies though! thanks mom for ALWAYS playing AMC every time the TV is on...

anyway - how excited was i to see her passions and mine lining up like in acting/musicals, although i am sure i would have been a 40s movie star in another life...but in the areas of PATH...

and that is not her only platform - she also dabbles in the following organizations as well:








PATH (People Assisting The Homeless)





You Go Grandma!!! 


i am  having the worst technology day - my computer froze with nothing saved (i was able to recover most everything thankfully) my qbooks file could not be found (after rebooting both our computers a jillion times i found it...thank the Lord!) both of my phones have done crazy things, my keyboard wouldn't type "t" or "c", my printer kept jamming - i have spent like the entire day dealing with failing technology!

i couldnt help but think of this song...i do not feel the same way as Kip...but i have been thinking about this song ever since my computer first crashed...

LB Aquarium with Auntie

Bryan's sister Kimmy has been in town and on Monday we took a field trip to the aquarium...she just sent me these pictures and i especially love the first one and wanted to share it...taken by kim on her iPhone...then i loved the one of Bodie looking all crazy...and of course Auntie and Bryson touching the sting rays...another fun day at the aquarium...i broke the cardinal rule and went before 3 (there usually are field trips galore) but it actually was not bad - maybe due to Veteran's Day? anyway if you are a pass holder and you somehow haven't figgered it yet - just a tip - go right when they open or after 3 - its a whole nother Aquarium!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

birthday bonanzas

i dont know how to keep this post from being like 10 pages long...the birthday celebrations are not stopping...they are still going...and since one of them is mine i am not complaining too much, but still - so much celebrating! first on the 3rd was my birthday - we celebrated at californialand. we took advantage of a quiet day in the office and headed was such a perfect day there - good weather - no long lines - no tantrums - pretty much a wonderful day! this picture of bryson cracks me up - bryan took the boys on the carousel while i rode the rollercoaster (my favorite ride) and he chooses the bench...he does this often...he doesnt like the ones that go up and down i guess! we also celebrated bryson's bday (nov 8) there...he had spent the night at my dad's house - after i picked him up he fell asleep in the car "from all the assightment" and on a whim i decided to take him (i was by myself). i transferred him to the stroller and even ate lunch and went to a disney store and bought him a present and came into disneyland and woke him up on main street. once he got his bearings he was so excited. he told bryan that he woke up at disneyland "and i was like, woah!"  - here is an awkward family photo...i had to crop it down because we were like tiny specs...why do other people do that in photos they take for you? so lame...

that evening we had a babysitter (SB) and i was able to get away for a night out with bryan and sushi studio - our favorite sushi place evah...i am such a sushi snob now...i really cant go anywhere else and enjoy it...i am doomed. once our favorite sushi chef made us this roll that had some tuna and jalapenos inside, wrapped with rice, topped with sauteed prosciutto, a fried quail's egg on top of that and drizzled with this amazing cream and spices...holy heaven on a roll! anyway...SB liked my skirt, so i thought i would show a little pic of what 31 looks like on her way to dinner with her hottie husband!

this last weekend my cousin Jenny and I celebrated our bdays together with a "So You Think You Can Dance" Party...she really told the story perfectly...i only have a couple photos to add! the party was amazing and the dancing as Uncle Bobby put it had "sharpness and exactness and pure earnestness" - my brother even got into it and did a routine with SB, Jenny and Bryan!

then last night JJ had an extra ticket to the live tour show of SYTYCD Season 5! 4 of us old EDHS Dance Team Alums went and had a blast...i was bummed the tango didnt make it, but the addiction dance and the cancer dance did...okay -i know i am a 13 year old in disguise, but let me just say Kayla killed it, Brandon is from a planet where they are dancing gods and Phillip is inhuman!