Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the portrait

i am so bad...i have been staring at this family making up all sorts of scenarios which involve a thanksgiving dinner with Conner (center) stoned and the grandpa kicking him out of the house and the younger brother Bradley (bottom left) admitting he is slightly homosexual and the daughter sneaking a drink of champagne.
i love the blog Sexy People - they really celebrate the beauty that is portraits. its funny because i remember someone telling me once that their psychologist asked her to bring a stack of family photos at their next session and from their photos she deduced all sorts of crazy things about their still to this day makes me nervous as hek to take a picture with my - what does my pose mean? or maybe i shouldn't have worn this - my kid may think its a statement. i dunno...but how can you not deduce so much from this family portrait? i love how the rocker in the middle is the only one looking at the camera and the rest of the family is looking at various points...somewhere...and the leaning is a little much...but seriously...this is awesome!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8 Months Old

Bodie - you are 8 months old today! wuu! some things i am noticing more and more about you

1. you are a mama's boy! you like to fuss if someone is holding you when i am around and when i take you from that person and walk away you look at them and smile...its really quite rude...and funny at the same time...

2. you are sitting up and moving around and balancing with more ease. i suspect you will be walking in no time...which makes me very nervous!

3. your front teeth just cut this weekend

4. you do not wish to take a pacifier any would much rather use mommy for a pacifier, which has made mommy very uncomfortable!!

5. you are very happy with bread - anything bread - cheerios, are very eeehhh on the fruits and vegetables, but we manage to get it in you somehow!

6. you still wake a couple times a night and have now moved into brother's room (minus brother who now sleeps in our room because he is so scared to wake you) you are a light sleeper now...

7. you do not like to travel - you do not like new places - you protest this by staying up all night and not sleeping...

8. you have the most charming head tilt/smile - gets me every time! brother can get you to crack up and mommy can too when she squeezes your chubby little thighs!

9. we love you more and more each day Bo Bear!

Monday, August 24, 2009

work schmerk

so i am in the office all week...nasty times...that end of the month! i have a lot to do in here - we are switching our company entity so i have had the amazing privilege of speaking with the franchise tax board, the city of finance in los angeles, the secretary of state in california, the i.r.s, payroll, the l.a. health department...let me just tell you - you want to have a fun day? call as many government entities as possible...just grab a nice book...put the phone on speaker and make sure no one is around to kill when you get switched from person to person for the first thirty minutes. this on top of my social security experience with Bodie is enough to confirm my will turn anyone pro-anarchy...

but on a positive note - i am thankful that i get to work at home in an office...not away in a cubicle somewhere like in my previous i can observe and participate in the following:

1. (me) "bryson why are you arguing with me?"
(bryson...laughing) "mahm...i'm not arglu-ing...i am happy...i'not arglu-ing"

2. bryson running into the office and jumping up on my lap to give me a hug and saying "mom can i get down so i can faht?" he then gets down and farts and gets back on "i love you thats why i dont faht on you!"

3. bryson getting mad and saying "i'm just gastrated"...i think it is something between exasperated and frustrated but i think it is the perfect way to describe it when your stomach is upset and you are in a foul mood...i'm using it...

4. nursing bodie any time he wants/needs it

5. fixing breakfast and dinner for my boys

6. hearing bodie awake from his nap and removing him from his crib - his sweet waking up smile and big cuddles - waking up is the best!

7. bryan fixing me an awesome panini lunch and eating together - the 4 of us - for breakfast lunch and dinner!

this has been a very purposeful exercise for me - to find the simple joys in owning our own may be overwhelming a lot of the time and taxing and depressing, but these simple joys help me to keep pressing on.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

apple store kid

remember this kid i shared with you last month? his name is Nicholi and was featured on Good Morning America can read more about it here on the Pseudo Rebels blog

here he is wearing a Pseudo Rebel T-Shirt...showin the love!

Monday, August 17, 2009

troll 2

so i heard this interview on NPR about The Best Worst Movie - a documentary from the child actor who plays Joshua in Troll 2 - all about this horrible horror move made in 1990. it was such a great interview...a great idea about a horrible movie.

now i love me some bad movies...i LOVED mystery science theater 3000 and totally appreciate cult movies and "bad" movies, but this one really takes the cake.

bryan...not so much into it...wouldnt really tolerate it...i wish i had someone with me when i watched it because i feel like the heckling is really a part of the experience. during the interview the director even commented that part of the appeal of a bad movie is that when you experience something horrible - i.e. sour milk - you automatically turn to the next person and say, "this is horrible! taste this...or smell this..."

i truly loved how horrible a film this was, but i watched it last night and have been pondering it all day...i have a few questions about it...

1. what does this have to do with Troll (1)? the original movie is about trolls (large almost giant-like dumb mystical creatures) this movie was about goblins (small dwarf-like michevious creatures)

2. why would you name the movie Troll when the movie is in fact about goblins?

3. the ending (WARNING SPOILER ALERT) so in the end there are a family of goblins he didnt destroy that end up eating the little boy's mom...ummm...i though that they destroyed the mystical stone from stonehenge that obliviates the goblins' did goblins survive? (maybe that is for Troll 3...hmmm...will just have to wait i suppose)

4. the double decker bologne sandwich...repelled the goblins so that they couldn't touch him...ummm yes that is my question i guess.

5. grandpa seth - he is dead but joshua the little boy sees him and talks to him...then he comes back in physical form then dies then comes back again then leaves again (for good?) ... already confusing, but at one point a goblin sends him back to hell at which point joshua asks him if he is in hell and the grandpa tells him that he is not but he has learned how to do this...and this is making the goblin catch on spontaneous fire... this is perhaps my favorite part of the movie, but also the most confusing

i am not sure why i am even trying to make sense of this movie...maybe that is part of the human condition that we try to make sense of everything. please please please rent this movie. please please please try to answer my questions. i would sleep better. or maybe i would just laugh that you actually watched this movie too. i am excited to see the documentary and also to make NILBOG shirts...cause i need one for sure!

froggy bokeh

oh the misunderstood bullfrog. we used to catch them when we were little and have frog races. mark twain style...back in the 1800s when i was a wee lass...anyway - they are fun to catch and when we had our lake stay there were a plenty. i thought i would surprise my MIL and just stood there next to her and she FREAKED out...knocked over all sorts of stuff and almost went in the fire.
later that night when i was attempting to sleep with the boys in the tent bryan came in and put one on my sleeping bag. i asked him to please take it outside or else bryson will want to take it home. i think he thought there was going to be a scream and i think everyone was dissapointed outside the tent that there was no show. sorry - but i love these little guys!

if you can click on the picture to zoom in and see her face it is amazing...sorry kathy, but you are the most perfect person to go to when one wants a reaction...its the italian thing!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

under the boardwalk

Part of what was so nice in spending a longer time up north was our day trips...we went to santa cruz twice, to monterey - bryan went up to sacramento and golfed...3 times...not all in sacramento...i realize that sentence was misleading...we met up with friends and snuck in a date (to celebrate our anniversary 1 month later). we are so lucky/blessed to have such great grandparents to our kids that enjoy babysitting...that not only enjoy it, but embrace it and live it up with them! bryson never wants to leave and always asks to go back and i wouldnt either if i got to skateboard and rollerblade throughout my grandparent's house!

this is us at santa cruz. this is the only family pic we took that turned out halfway decent...i really need to use my coupon for a family photo sesh that i won!
i had only been to the boardwalk once and it was during the fall, so i didnt ever get to see the rides and the atmosphere of the summer, so it was a lot of fun to be able to experience where bryan spent a lot of childhood summers. we went on a monday evening when it was $.75 night - all the rides (and hot dogs and coke) were only $.75! we rode the infamous big dipper and the log ride and bryson rode a ton of rides...mostly by himself...and had a blast! we played the boardwalk games and had hot dogs and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful beach!

after the boardwalk we walked along the pier right during sunset. we couldn't have planned it better...the weather was great - the sunset was breathtaking. the sea lions were talking with Bob the whole time - it was a lovely evening!

the whole barnes clan...well not the whole clan, but you and the 'rents!

couldnt help but get some sunset pics. i love the one bryan took of bryson with the telescope - i believe this one deserves some framing as well!

we went to santa cruz again on wed night for a bonfire - apparantly they would just dig a hole in the sand and throw the wood down and go for it...i was so shocked - that would never fly in socal! they assured us they just did it a month ago and we saw burnt wood droppings around which confirmed this, but then a ranger pulled up and told us we needed to find a pit because last week he had to escort 3 little kids to the ER for burn wounds...ummm...yes...bryson probably could have easily been the 4th...that kid and danger just go together! we found a pit and a lovely coved beach and delighted on smores with reeses peanut butter cups in lieu of hershey's (i stuck to dark chocolate with caramel inside - the BEST) they were a hit with everyone...bryson had a blast and his shoe was halfway filled with sand, which is now all over my car, but it was a great little token of our trip!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i know this dress is so 2 years ago and its no new news and yes you have probably seen it, but i am in LOVE and have finally found my perfect dress.

my mom will attest to the fact that as a very young girl i would change my clothes approximately 10 times a day according to my mood...nothing has changed. bryson does the same thing too...cracks me up...drives bryan crazy.

my sister constantly makes fun of me too - if we ever go out she will come over and hang in the kitchen and watch me parade in and out in a matter of minutes with a different outfit on each time and usually ending up with me in the first outfit i put on.

so - this dress - totally easy to change up - i have worn it 2 days in a row - first as a skirt than as a can even wear it as a shirt! i love it because i love halter tops and dresses, but get over them after a couple of hours because they start bugging my neck - but its no problem with this dress because i simply tie it a different way!

i wish this were around when i was getting married - i would put all my bridesmaids in a black one and let them decide how to wear it and get a colored sash or something. they would be stoked because the dress would only cost $40 and they would wear it again...

these pictures crack me up - bryson took some and i took the one in the mirror and i timered the one of me and bryson in the kitchen...actually i was just trying to get the shot of the dress as a skirt and bryson wanted to be a part of the magical camera taking pictures by itself.

there are about 15 different ways to wear it they say on the site, but people have major imaginations with it, plus you can accessorize the bajeeby out of it...i wore it with leggings as well because it is so much easier to chase after bryson with leggings under a dress...

you can also tie the straps around your waist and make a bow...oh its so much fun! i love playing with it...i think this one will be my next purchase, but i tried it on and it wasn't nearly as flattering on my body... but i can't pass up the deal of so many outfits in one. it is definitely great for traveling - so versatile! and its jersey so it doesnt wrinkle too bad. can you tell i am in love? american apparel should pay me or something...serious...

barnes family reunion

we had originally planned to go up north to the barnes family reunion and ended up extending our stay in san jose. this year they had it at lake camanche near sacramento. our site was literally on the lake's edge - so that was both great and terrifying all at the same time. with a bunch of kids running around and a bunch of parents all thinking their kid is being watched = no kids being watched. but no one got hurt and fun was had by all...and food was had by all...oh my lordy...the food....

this family and food...its quite a spectacle let me tell you. now - i LOVE me some bar-b-que...i mean...seriously...i have a problem...i told bryan he should find a cologne that kinda smelled like bbq sauce and i would be all over him...and i was only sorta kidding.

so i married into the right family...because they know how to do it...and they aren't shy about it...and they do it every time we get together...and i am not complaining a bit!

(this picture is of bryson and bryan's cousin Danielle's son Jaydon - isn't he a doll?)

so anyway...back to the food...ah yes...the lovely - it was dark and the food was covered, but we had corn covered in mayo and chili powder and parmesan, erica's cheese and mac, every kind of meat imaginable - links, tri-tip, chicken, ribs, you name it - it was in there (except hot dogs and burgers because please...come on now) uncle henry made his beans, rice, cousin nyka made her homemade salsa, fruit salad (that was about the only wholesome thing on the table). oh lordy but it was amazing. last time we went - i think 2 years ago...they took a post office crate and piled all the meat in was awesome. i can't wait till next year

this little girl's name was Mya - she was Bob's half-sister from Texas' granddaughter. she was just about the sweetest thing ever! bryson told me she was his girlfriend...not sure how much blood they actually share, so wasn't too worried, but still... her and bryson played so well together - it was so fun to watch! bryson was loving the lake and wore himself out both days both swimming in and throwing things in the lake.

i love this picture of kristie and her baby girl kassai. this little girl has amazing balance. she is almost exactly 1 month younger than bodie, but she stands up all the time - they kept letting go and she balanced...for 10 seconds! what 6 month old does that? she is going to be walking by 10 whatever that is worth :)

another shot of the lake - the kids at the lake - bryson probably throwing rocks...

dustin cooking something yummy and bryan's cousin danielle and her boy sleeping.

henry at the grill (doesnt he look just like bob?)

after all night long fishing for catfish with about 6 lines...henry finally caught his big ol' catfish on sunday morning.
it was so nice to have a family reunion last more than a couple hours - i sometimes only see them 1x a year, so it was nice to be able to sit down and chat and catch up and eat and eat and eat and talk and hang out and eat...did i mention eat?

Bryson the champion

we are was so nice to have so much time with B's parents and hang out in san jose...but it sure feels good to be home! especially with Bodie sleeping again through the night last night...he doesnt like to do that so much in other people's homes i suppose! i will be posting more about our time because i want to make sure to journal it, but wanted to share these pics first B took of bryson. this first one i feel like he looks 2 years older than he is...i also feel like i can see what he is going to look like when he gets older...he is losing that baby face...awww...i think the hair is also quite lovely!

this picture is definitely getting framed. what a beautiful portrait of bryson

- it totally captures him - its him! his gaze off to who knows what he could be getting into next - the snot smear on his cheek - the dirty nose - the bump on his head - that sly smile...I love it! B is getting quite handy with the camera!

i had to write some of the amazing things he has said lately...

1. (while in the jogging stroller while bryan and i were running this morning and him pestering me for 5 minutes asking if he could run) "Mommy when are you going to tell Daddy, 'let him run already?' - the scary part is that he totally nailed my tone!

2. (while golfing with B he told B that the golf ball he was hitting was a blood ball and B asked why) "Because i smacked it so hard it was bleeding!"

3. "I totally smoked the ball" (while golfing)

4. (B put up a golf net so bryson could get more serious about his game - bryson was impressed) "Dad you are like the champion of the net. You are the champion Dad"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

taking charge of your fertility

we have been away all week up north visiting B's fam...its been great - built-in sitters are always a plus! i have been able to finally read this book. my cousin recommended it to me while i was trying to get pregnant the second time around...a ton of her friends had great success with the book and so she recommended it...i bought it and read like 2 chapters and got pregnant by luck...nothing to do with the book...i never got around to charting...or even finishing the book! but i had every intention of using it as a form of birth control once that was needed...little did i know i would need it so soon!!

i have been super lazy...i didnt read the book...we have been really lucky that we haven't gotten pregnant - but i just finished it and am really excited about it and just kicking myself that i didnt do this sooner. i guess the whole charting and process of it all overwhelmed me, but i think after reading the book and the benefits of knowing my cycle apart from birth control - its worth it! i am going to commit to doing it at least for a couple of months. it is a commitment too...much more involved than taking a pill, but ultimately i think it will be nothing but good. PLUS i just finished the chapter on using FAM (fertility awareness method) for choosing the gender of your baby and it says if done correctly the success rate for having a girl is 70% or higher and for having a boy is 85% or higher...its a challenge i am up for anyway!

i would highly recommend this book for EVERY female out there...not just those wanting birth control or to get pregnant...but everyone...there is so much in here that was never taught to us - so many doctor's visits and embarassing questions avoided if we only knew our bodies as well as we should, without masking things with is eye opening to say the least...