Sunday, February 27, 2011

Imagination Movers Live - Cool Kid Places

sooo...let me just start off by saying before i became a mom...or really a mom to a pre-schooler who started stating their preference of things like TV shows and so forth...i would see commercials for "disney on ice" or "barney sings" or something like that designed for toddlers and i would be like, shoot me now...i would rather poke my temples with sunglass stems than go to that...

(which is why i wish i would have thought of this title...genius BTW) so anyway - we are those parents...i guess to be fair i still would not go to disney on ice...or anything dora/diego/repeat stuff a jillion times...or something i would absolutely loathe...but we do make sacrifices of our own pleasurable experiences because we know our kids would fuh-reak out over it...

enter Imagination Movers. i had stated earlier that my uncle is warehouse mouse...he (thank you Uncle Kevin!) was able to get us free tickets to the show at the Nokia Theater. all 5 of us went and it was so so fun guys! truly! the kids were able to have a real rock n' roll concert experience - complete with an encore! bryson danced the whole time and even bodie was rocking out (he likes to dance fight with his arms...which is amazing) and bobby fell asleep toward the end, which i thought equally amazing.

after the show we got to go to the after-party and bryson got to meet the movers and Nina...he gave her a hug but was super shy about funny...who would ever think that boy shy? the mama in me hopes this trend continues with girls ;)

but we truly had so much fun - part of the fun...okay really most of the fun was watching bryson have this experience. i always thought my Uncle Kevin was pretty cool growing up because when i was a kid he was in Pee-Wee's my kids are thinking he is pretty cool too...funny how that works!

so bodie kept talking about the "house mouse" and "funny" i asked him - do you want mommy to make you a warehouse mouse sweatshirt? "da!" he goes...pretty darling if you ask a very biased me!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kite Shirts

i have been in a crafting lately i have been substituting a day a week of my rest time to spend crafting with bryson while the other boys are sleeping. this is a sacrifice of love rest time is my "gain my sanity back so i can be a good mama until bedtime" time...but some things are worth crafting with bryson - he truly enjoys time spent alone with me, and of course i feel the same!

so bryson came home from school with some "kites" the other day. they were pieces of paper - one he cut in a triangle and the other he cut a heart and someone punched a hole at the bottom and then he tied string. anyway - that was his very precious kite and everything that day was about kites kites kites! i started thinking and i knew i had some extra blank shirts around i didnt know what to do with and so he gave me the idea. i told him what i was thinking and he was very on board.

he picked out the colors - he helped me cut (and then i re-cut after him) and helped me clean up after...then we made these simple kites...which he was so excited about he even danced...

bobby even got one too! i love this picture - it looks like he is the way - did you see his new sitting up trick? perty fancy!

the handsome young man...i can't believe he is 5...he is so much fun right now! tonight we are going to surprise him (and bodie) and go see Imagination Movers at the Nokia Theater...and we get to sit next to Warehouse Mouse himself (he happens to be my uncle) - wish us luck - we are going as a family and still not sure what Bodie is going to think about it all...have a happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zoodies on Does Mommy Love It!!

Hey friends! did a review of Zoodies and is hosting a give-away! so go there and enter to win!!!

Click HERE to see the post!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool Kid Places - Heritage Park - Cerritos

Bobby the Best Baby in the World
i had this marathon day yesterday....ugh...i feel as though i will need a couple days to recover....i had the boys all to myself ALL all boys on me all no break/rest at all for mama...and i took them like 5 different places...the first of which was the Dr. myself...all 3 kids...which is not so fun...the good thing is that it was my sister's office, so there is a little more compassion there...but fun.

so anyway...enough of my whining...gawsh...i sound like my kids! i knew that we had a lot to do yesterday, so i wanted to make sure to run them around and i was in Downey for the Dr. appointment and knew that Heritage Park wasnt far...only my droid took me to the Santa Fe Heritage Park...not the Cerritos one that i wanted/intended to go to.

So here is my review of the Santa Fe Heritage Park:
very small. focus on native american and 1800s ranch living in southern california. not a whole lot to do for little ones. my boys almost destroyed their fancy garden.

At the Santa Fe Heritage Park - A big nasty bird cage that apparently looked tasty to Bodie...nast

Santa Fe - Native American boat exhibit
So we tried to make the most out of it, but could only really last 35 i took them over to the Cerritos Heritage Park.

This park is adorable (minus the nasty ducks and their duck poop everywhere) - the whole park is set up like Boston circa American Revolution...there is a statue of Paul Revere at the front of the park and the Wadsworth poem goes on throughout the park. i tried to have a conversation with Bryson about the American Revolution and how America got fail...but whatever, it was the beginning of a conversation, right? i am just planting the seeds in his fertile little mind...i try to throw as many seeds in there as i can...hoping some will take root...okay...overdone analogy...

Can you see the heart of water in this tree? My boys are drawn to dirt in any form...
There are little buildings made to look like a little Boston town and in the buildings are jungle gyms, slides, stairs - so fun! the boys had a blast! we brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the very large playground for a while too. the only thing i would recommend is that it is very hard to keep up with two boys climbing around when you have a i will ditch it next time.

Its a fun little park - i highly recommend it for playdates and even birthday parties (there is a picnic table area with several tables) - a little something for every little type...

Colonial Ship at Cerritos - these are the nasty ducks i was telling you about...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Coolest Lunchbox...Meet the Goodbyn

and no...i am not getting paid to type this...i wish! or just send me a couple goodbyns...that would be fine too! okay so...let me start by saying that i am new to this whole "pack a lunch" thing for school thing...i am also not very creative with it...more on that i first started out using a soft lunchbox type thing...which got nasty and i hated cleaning it and then i would use the re-usable sandwich bag and snack bags (i bought at craft fairs) so then i had 3 or 4 different things to clean...which is exactly what i dont need in my more things to clean by hand...

then i saw this amazing lunchbox...every compartment seals - eliminating the need for bags...and its dishwasher safe...and it comes with its own little drink no more nasty juice boxes (i havent found a whole lot of healthy options there)...bryson got this for Christmas and we have used it probably 2 times a week since then and have no complaints - love it! and i love visiting their site for inspiration. bryan packs it the best...i usually stick to PBJs...what usually is in your kids' lunches? what is your kids' favorite snack? Have you seen this site? Vegan Lunchbox - amazing...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! Today I dropped Bryson off at school for his first day of passing out Valentines. He was so excited! (we copied these - he helped me every step and we had so fun!) If you are in the mood for a little love story - i guest blogged on JJ's site - you can read it here. Have a very lovely day! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love It! Valentines Edition

1. This cute print - love!

2. My new headband...a gift that i have not stopped wearing!

3. These are on my "to make" list! yummers!

4. You guys....i was so so so happy to find this on YouTube...i used to swing dance at Disneyland every Saturday my Sr year in H.S. and this couple was there EVERY time...doing the cha cha usually...i danced with the husband before and he was very nice...but i LOVED watching them and now you can too (its super short)

5. i would eat chocolate covered salt if they made it...but i would settle for this bar instead...

6. One of my favorite-est Love Stories!

7. A cute little number for a hot date! I am semi-obsessed with this outfit...not sure if my body type could pull it off...but i would try dern it!

8. Their Valentines menu looks awesome! Good thing they are right down the street from me!

9. This rug is so sweet!

10. A sweet necklace with all your loves on them! 

That's all for now! Have a happy Love Day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pseudo Rebels - Break Up Song

so...many of you know that my husband (AKA B-Nyce) is a part of a little group called Pseudo Rebels. well they just released this music video and its one of my was made at our old house...which makes me both nostalgic and angry that the place was so messy when they shot it! i love donny (AKA DPIII) in this video - him getting hit by the car kills me every time...and B-Nyce on the dog these guys!