Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Poppin tags birthday party

So fun you guys! I wish I could take credit for this idea, but my best friend Ruth told me about one that she went to and I knew immediately that we had to steal that idea for my husband (Bryan)'s birthday. 

We met at a Goodwill - the rule is that you had to buy your outfit for dinner with only $20. I really wish I could have found a different thrift shop to do this, because Goodwill is over-priced in my opinion, but it was the only thrift store I could find that was open past 7:00. So anyway - we met there and had fun all helping each other pick out our outfits- met for a group shot while being accosted by a homeless man...gotta love long beach! (which is why all my group shots are cutting people out and blurry). We then all drove downtown to The Federal Bar. The restaurant is in an old bank and its super swanky - so we looked pretty awesome all of us walking in. Before our food came (and after a drink) we had a fashion show where people got to sell us on their outfits. There was a prize for best dressed male and female voted on by all the people at the table. We had a blast. Bryan loved both his finds (and sadly, will wear them again and again). Thank you to everyone who came out and played along - we seriously have the best friends who are game for anything! Love you guys!

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