Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Ombre Clothesline Bowls

I saw this DIY today and felt inspired. I was going to do the paint like the original DIY, but my acrylic paint is not in the best condition (read: dried up due to non-usage) and I didn't even think about fabric paint until after...maybe next go around? I did have some RIT teal dye on hand though, so per my usual way of doing things - just jumped in and figured i would figure it out as i went along...this method usually works 7/10 times for me. I enjoy the learning curve i guess you could say ;) or perhaps others would call me impatient...its all about perspective people! i am an eternal optimist (to a fault)

I found my boys' sand buckets (3 of them) and rinsed them out and filled them about halfway with hot salted water. In the first bowl I added 2 tablespoons of dye, in the second I added 1 tablespoon and the third I added a teaspoon. I just kinda guessed on the amount of clothesline to put in each and let them sit for a half hour. Then I rinsed them out until the water ran clear and popped the clothesline in the dryer. Here is the part where the winging it didn't work out so great due to the fact the dryer completely tangled the clothesline...so i guess if you are more patient than me...lay it out in the sun for a few hours instead? It wasn't that big a deal, and I get some weird kind of satisfaction untangling things, so that is just me and my weirdness...but anyway...

I didn't do the base quite as large as the directions either. One package of $5 clothesline made these two bowls - the diameter at the bottom is about 3.5". i still had rope left over too! It came together relatively fast - a few snaggles on my machine - could have probably done with a stronger thread for this project, but we made it work and I am super happy with how they turned out! I am thinking this would make a pretty sweet and thoughtful gift stuffed with some flowers, or wine or dry goods, or anything! Have fun and happy sewing!

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