Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Journal Entry - Skate Parks

ya know...bryson is kinda kickin me in the pants with his summer journal! i am trying to journal everything he does (for at least the places I took him) and its been difficult! but i am so glad to do this. this summer has been so nice to be freed of schedules. i had so many different moms ask me about camps and events and i just really didn't feel the need this summer. partly, i admit, it was selfish - due to money and the time spent dropping off/picking up, but also I wanted to have this time with them - without schedules!! during the school year, it can be a bummer- bryson in school till three - homework until four (sometimes later because he fights it EVERY day) then dinner, then bed time. there is not a lot of room for outings, or free time.

one of the places he always begs me to take him - school day or no - is the skate park. All three boys LOVE the skate park and it is usually easy for me to take them. I find it better sometimes if I don't watch - so I even bring a book. (I only don't watch if there are only a couple other kids in the park. If the park is super busy...i can't be so chill). And by better if I don't watch, what I mean is better if I don't try to tell them what to do/don't do. They do five million times better when they figure it out themselves...i have learned.

Case in point - the Costa Mesa skate park the kid dropped in...on a skateboard....2 years old. what?? I didn't even think to tell him not to do that because I didn't know he could. bryson just learned how! And sure, he fell...but good thing they have pads...and even better that Bobby is half composited of rubber.

Bryson has been doing great. At the El Dorado Skate park they can ride bikes, scooters or skateboards. Bryson prefers the scooter most of the time, but has been doing so good on the skateboard. Dropping in, going off a step or two here and there, getting his balance - learning to ollie. I have to admit - it can be hard to watch them, but I truly know my boys - and their abilities and know that if they learn this young (when falling isn't such a big deal) it will serve them well in their teens...hoping for that anyway. I just know we can't keep them away from it! and also - maybe if their mom is cool and takes them to the skate park, they won't hate her later for not letting them play football? maybe?

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