Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoodie Shop Updates

I have started to get my fall orders trickling in and thought I would update my update. I DID raise prices...however, I also lowered some prices too! I added a SALE!!! Collection, Which, I know...was not the point...but really some of them have been sitting around for a while and they really want homes to go to. Because zoodies are not happy sitting on hangers...they want to be worn and loved and played in. It's depressing seeing them all hanging there!  

So check out THE SHOP and see what all is going on!

Oh, and The Warehouse Mouse Zoodie (pictured above) is not in the shop...but I had to post this pic of my little Bodie O...because how cute is he? Those lips! ack...he is just the cutest...okay...sorry about that.

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