Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cool Kid Places - LA Zoo

Can you believe we live so close (less than 30 minutes on a traffic free highway) to the LA Zoo and had not been? We have been to the OC Zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, but never LA. Part of it could be that it takes a lot of convincing my husband to voluntarily drive into LA...we lived there before moving to Long Beach and our business is still situated there and my husband still auditions there, so the glamour and appeal of LA is all but gone in our lives...still...we found ourselves taking the week of New Years off and wanted to do some home-town exploring, so off to the zoo. And you guys, I loved it! Such a great little zoo! I loved the walking path - loved the size of it - loved that there wasnt obnoxious vendors everywhere...the food wasnt bad either! I highly recommend it if you were thinking of checking it out. My husband gave Bryson some lessons with the good camera, so I am not sure which of these shots were taken by my husband, or my 7 year old...but above were some of my favorites of the day.

Also - if you are wanting to make a day out of it (We spent about 3 hours at the zoo and that was plenty) there are several other kid-friendly spots around the Zoo. The Zoo is inside Griffith Park, which also has a ton of park area, the Observatory, tons of hiking trails (of which some have spectacular city views and views of the "Hollywood" sign), Travel Town museum, horseback riding and tons more!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

I think a good practice for this year, is doing the Simple Woman's Daybook entry once a month. I think it will give me a little more blogging direction and also will be fun to look back on the year in this light. So...here we go!

My favorite picture Bryan took at the LA Zoo

Outside my window...enjoying this unusual frosty mornings. trying to store the feeling of warm flannel sheets and comfy beds and chilly air for the next summer where sheets are too hot!

I am thinking...of my weekend and how busy, but how much fun we had - celebrating birthdays and going on dates and baking yummy things.

I am thankful...for my boys. for our health, when so many people we know are struggling with their health, its something I don't want to take for granted.

In the kitchen...home-made beignets this weekend - so yummy...but then again...how could fried dough NOT be yummy? makes me want to start doing doughnuts...

I am wearing...hot chillys and two sweaters and thinking i need to grab a pair of fingerless gloves!

I am creating...mainly zoodies right now are all that are touching my sewing machine, but i have quilt dreams in my head that aren't going away...

I am going...to start making some little changes for this new year. Don't you love new beginnings?

I am wondering...if I can somehow manage a nap today...lagging from a late bedtime last night!

I am reading...Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. Don't be proud of me...its been on my shelf for five years. Finally at a place to not only read it, but enjoy it. And I am thoroughly enjoying it. Its always surprising how fast everyone falls in love - refreshing!

I am hoping...to get all my work done early this week, so I don't need to spend as much time in the office as I planned.

I am looking forward to...a trip to the snow? still unplanned...

I am learning...that I need girl time more often than I have had lately...

Around the house...lots of things strewn everywhere from a lazy cleaning weekend.

I am pondering...generosity

A few plans for the rest of the week: business meetings, drinks with friends, closing out 2012 in the office, hopefully some playdates and all around sillyness with my boys!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jen Johnson Photography - Little Rascal Family Photshoot

I am so happy to finally share these AMAZING photos my very talented cousin Jen of Jen Johnson Photography took for us a month ago. I love every photo so much - I know she is my cousin and all, but you guys - she is really the reason each of these came out so effortless looking. I was not feeling 100%, plus getting all the kids in costume and trying to get myself somewhat presentable was challenging. bryson did not want to wear his costume again and was particularly pouty that day. by the time we got there i just felt so blech...so not inspired, but somehow Jen pulled it out of us and managed to capture these great shots.

Our family dressed up as Little Rascals for Halloween and I wanted to make sure to get some good photos of them in their costumes before they grew out of them...i only managed to take one (horrible) picture on Halloween. I just loved all their little outfits so much. especially that Bobby (Spanky) sheesh...so fitting!

Anyway - if you are thinking about doing a family shoot you need to call Jen Johnson Photography! She is the best in the world...seriously! Thanks Jen - you are amazing!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ladybug and Bat Size 6 in Shop!

Black Bat in size 6 and Red Ladybug (in sizes 18month- size 6) This is blog-worthy since I don't typically stock these sizes - they are usually a custom order, but thought I would make them ahead, since these sell out pretty quickly. The sweatshirt is actually a size 8 in American Apparel, but will fit more true to size to a 6/7 or Youth Small.

P.S. Thank you for all your holiday orders. I had a very unexpected busy season this December and was so thankful for all repeat orders and new orders - so thank you thank you thank you!!! And if your little one did receive one for Christmas, please send me a pic - i LOVE seeing my little zoodies out there in the real world :) send an email to carlee (at) zoodies (dot) com

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Documentary Recommendations

I love learning. I loved school. Sometimes I write essays for fun...if that makes me a geek, than I am happily a geek! When I am in the car I prefer to listen to NPR (PRX preferred) than music. When I watch a movie, I love a good documentary. These documentaries I have watched lately and have spawned the most amazing conversations - with both my husband, whom I watched them with, but also friends, family and strangers as great conversation fodder. I had to share in case you also like a good documentary!

1. Happy - We just watched this one and i HIGHLY recommend. I hadn't looked at happiness as something lacking, i guess i always viewed it as an emotion, rather than a state of being - but this movie explores the notion in such tangible ways - very interesting and uplifting!

2. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry - This one is about the controversial Chinese artist - Ai Weiwei. My husband had read something about Ai Weiwei and was telling me about him - about him destroying neo-lithic vases as a statement and some of his other installation pieces. He intrigued me, so we watched this documentary. We had the most engaging conversation about art - what it is, what it should be - where it is going. This man is truly remarkable - and I believe his voice should be heard!

3. The Other F-Word - A documentary about Punk Rockers who are now fathers. I loved this one - I think they did such a great job exploring the dilemma that faces fathers who on one hand believe in the punk rock philosophy and make a living off of it, while on the other hand try to raise a respectful child in the other. Very (surprisingly) moving!

4. First Position - about the competitive world of ballet and the process to get into a position with a company. I loved this one not only because I love dance and ballet, but also because it raises some good ideas and questions about putting your child through a competitive process like this - also good conversation fodder!!!

5. American Teacher- This explores how America values teachers - namely about money and how much they make, but also other factors too. I found it very interesting - also interested to know about charter programs that are challenging this notion.

6. Eames: The architect and painter - I am intrigued at artists like Eames and Warhol, who cross over mediums and explore new ways to showcase their art and message. They are the leaders of todays "branding" and "lifestyle" notions. Very interesting! 

Happy Watching and Happy Learning!