Monday, November 14, 2011

I Love it! Patchwork Long Beach Edition

Patchwork came in town to Long Beach on the 6th and I was able to pop on by for a bit. It was a rainy morning, but I was so happy to see that the venue still had a good turnout...i was able to cross a few people off my christmas shopping list and check out some amazing artists and crafts - i wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you!

1. Artwork by Andrea Zuill

loved her grumpy kid drawings and her halloween-ey stuff - i asked her if she is in any children's books
and she said that she was so close...that is where and what she wants to be doing. it will just be a matter of time before you see her art in books - don't you think?

2. Sass & Peril - prints

they had the sweetest little animals and artwork - perfect for a nursery or kids room...they also had fun tote bags and cards - loved them!

3. Pommes Frites - home decor

i may have picked up one of these hollowed out books...but i could have bought a ton more! i loved them - so fun and sturdy and i could think of at least 10 people who would absolutely love it!

4. home spun vintage - kids vintage clothes

the bargain bin was awesome! she also had some pin on bow ties made from men's ties that were too good to pass up. i love the extra details she added to the pieces to give them a little more handmade feel. so cute!

5. Yellow 108 - accessories

they had such an amazing assortment of handmade hats. i wanted them to have some for kiddos, but i know a certain husband that would love to add to his collection!

and i lost the business card to the last little booth i wanted to share. i bought the sweetest little hanging succulent ceramic planter from this booth...forgot the name...but if anyone knows who i am talking about, please let me know so i can share!

if you are in the socal area - check out the next patchwork shows!

Friday, November 11, 2011

20 things I have learned/am learning about having kids

1. having 3 kids is quite different than being one of three kids in your family. i think it has something to do with responsibility...and the more recent love for peace and quiet.
2. repetition is apparently never annoying to kids...ever...even after 5,698 times...
3. the laundry is NEVER done.
4. either are the dishes.
5. lets just say all housekeeping is not the greatest at this point in our lives
6. i have made peace with the fact that at any given point, at least one of my children is not going to be happy with whatever is going on.
7. i have almost made peace when 2 lose it at the same time.
8. when its all three...that is when i visit crazy town.
9. i know a lot about furniture being used as ladders. and how they can be used. even if you think "no way" - they don't think like that.
10. little boys are the worst roommates in the planet
11. but i did teach bryson to replace the toilet paper roll, so at least one other person in this family does that now...
12. kids are the best teachers sometimes.
13. and the most forgiving people.
14. when my children wake they are usually the sweetest in the world.
15. 4:00 - 7:00 is when aliens abduct my children and turn them into whiny crazy spastic lunatics.
16. if i ever think i finally have a calm minute and i can call so and kids remind me about 2 minutes later- you can not mom...talking on the phone is absolutely unacceptable for a mother. the rudeness.
17. the idea of time to now just narrowed down to pooping.
18. kids have gotten me over the taboo of saying poop...sorry...
19. i will never be the same as i was before kids.
20. and that is for the better of all mankind. thank you kiddos!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

table runner re-cycle

goodness...i just checked my post and i got these feed sacks at this garage sale a year and a half ago! i can not believe it has been that long...yes i can...never any rate - i did not know what to do exactly with them, so they have sat in my fabric pile for a while now...a year and a half i guess...and so i decided to fashion them into a table runner.

i did them in a way so that i could easily take them out and still use them on whatever...pillow? curtain? i dont know...which is why they have sat for so long...but i am enjoying seeing them every day on my table. i love the graphic and the colors of the feed sack, and the owner pretty much gave them to me as a consolation prize...he was probably thinking, "who would want to buy these old sacks?"

do any of you all have any grand feed sack ideas? they could still be re-purposed!