Friday, July 31, 2009

missing you

our house is so quiet without our dear boy...bodie has been sleeping in his room and i think bryson is going to come home to find a new roommate...which he SAYS he is excited about...hmmm...we'll see! i am excited to see him, although i am sure he could easily go another week without seeing me...but i did find a way to get him on the phone! call at his bedtime...he LOVED an excuse to stall - he talked to me for 10 minutes and told me all about his day and everything he did and when he is going to see me and that we are going camping...

this picture is from one of our nightly twilight walks...he loves to find imprints in the concrete - he calls them fossils...i think i miss his motivation the most...i am kinda a bum when he isnt here and kinda just mope - i get 1/2 of what i normally do...bryson just is a constant motivating factor. i miss that most...he is keeping his meema and papa BUSY. it made me feel really good when KATHY even said she was tired from keeping up with him...apparantly we need to get a golf net though because bryson played golf in their backyard for 3 1/2 hours. by himself. indeed!

we are off tomorrow to camp and re-une...i dont think its a fact pretty sure its not, but looking forward to seeing B's family...they are always so fun...and OH MY LORDY the FOOD - holy shpitolee....i will take pictures. one year they used a postal crate and dumped all the meat in was fantastic...there will be amazing food...i will come back 10 pounds fatter...and i wont care...

have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i heart video monitors

i am not a *techno* person...if that is a term...not sure...because i don't usually care. my phone is practical - i dont want email going to computer bryan bought...this blog is about all i can do with computers...cut and took me about a year to find out how to post a mom got me a camera to skype and i still have yet to figure it grandma sent me a pic text before i ever did...anyway - you get the picture!

i had to share this *product review* because i think it just saved me probably 30 minutes of my *alone* time last night (bryan was out wit da boyz). Its the Summer Video Monitor and I highly recommend it if you are as neurotic as I am.

my girlfriend had a similar video monitor with her daughter and she sold me on it. i can't tell you how many times i woke my baby just to *check* on them (i.e. make sure they are breathing, not tangled in blankets, buried under a ceiling fan) its amazing how many different ways a mother can imagine their child in danger! truly...amazing.

anyway...back to my story. so i love watching my baby sleep in the video. i love watching them breathe and not touching their back or feeling their breath praying they dont wake. so anyway - this night i was reading a book alone and looked over at the monitor and saw my cat licking herself next to my child!! why my cat thinks the baby's bed is her bed is beyond me. yes arwen was our first *baby* but seriously...

i walked in the room and just over to the baby's bed (pack n play in our room at this point in our lives) and the cat jumped out - she so knew how wrong that was. i removed the cat and closed the door and baby continued (thankfully) to sleep. if i didnt have that monitor i know that darned cat would have head-butted my sleeping child...that cat and her head butting! so thank you Summer Video Monitor!!

the only negative thing about it is the range kinda stinks...also there can be electric interference a lot, so i usually have the volume way down and rely on visual and the noise light sensor. BUT it is portable...we take it with us on trips and the video is handheld and can be unplugged (but dont use the video all the time that way because it wears out the batteries)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


because i so often go out these days...because i am a little out of touch with what is "cool"...because this is oftentimes the only way my friends from out of state keep in touch with me...i wanted to post a pic of my new "do". i was really excited about it...i feel like a little rocker chick...a pseudo rocker if you will. i have never had bangs this short....i have never had layers like this. bryson told me i look like bowie, which i took as a compliment since we both have much love for bowie. he took this picture by the way. actually, looking at the picture reminds me of when i cut my own bangs when i found scissors...probably around bryson's age...i love that kind of cut...its just very me! my girlfriend becky cut my hair again - it helps being friends with a very talented stylist...who cuts your hair after you put your baby down at 8:00p.m. and you can have a glass of wine as you get your hair cut plus girl time = bonus points all around! so feel free to post your comments...i won't be offended if you aren't a fan...i was already told i have a mullet and i am so fine with that! p.s. i love your comments...they make this whole journal interactive and more of a dialogue, rather than a monologue...

7 Months Old are now 7 months old. yay! this month you started eating...solids...a lot more regularly. you have tried so many different types of food - you even recently started eating/gumming the little fruit grain puff things. you seem to love anything bread-ish - love gumming foods like carrots and celery and teething biscuits and our fingers...

this is the month you finally got over your cough! your first trip to see auntie sara at her office and she prescribed you antibiotics which helped you get better! this has also helped you sleep better, which mommy is VERY thankful for! we moved you into a "crib" by our bed since you crawled out of the co-sleeper and it has vastly improved on your waking up every 1-2 hours. last night you slept from 8 until 5 a.m. and the night before you slept till 6 a.m. - (i'm not holding my breath but relishing in the new sleeping arrangements!)

also...this happened...and happens...a lot. you have taken a lot of spills because you can't quite seem to exit the standing mode so gracefully, but you are trying to pull yourself up to standing anywhere you can...mostly to get to me...i am not a fan of this by the way young man...this is way too soon to be doing this...this makes me very nervous that you might start walking before 1 year...please don't do that...please!!!! i like carrying you around - it is so much easier on mommy...once you start walking that is over!

it is so much fun to watch you grow and figure things out and learn to call out "mamammaa" and "dadadada" and start becoming a little person. your spirit is so full of love and tenderness we can't help but be melted by your smile every day! you are a joy Bodie Owen!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the wedge

bryan's parents were down this weekend.

they came and hung out and then took my big boy with them on a plane back to san jose.

i was a little sad about that...not going to lie...a little happy about that too. lets just say bryson has been actively testing boundaries for the past week...he's been trying to find that spot between getting me mad and getting away with whatever he is doing.

he is gone now and leaves such a quiet void in our house it is very sad. i called him and he didnt want to talk to me and only told me that he didnt know if he wanted to come back. the boy played tennis with meema, swam with his cousins, played golf with his papa...i kinda dont blame him! but i teared up a little cause i want him to miss me...i should be glad i have an independent little boy that is glad to be with his wonderful grandparents right? okay i am going to cry now...

but before i do...i'll just tell you a little bit about our weekend. on saturday we were curious to check out the record waves we had due to a big swell. we headed down to the wedge in newport.

what was normally a half hour trip took an hour and a half...but i wont go there...this is my happy place...

i loved the weather because it was a little overcast, which meant i didnt have to hide under a blanket the whole time i was there. it really stinks having such tan in-laws...i instantly become a million shades mother-in-law always likes to bring this to my attention...thank you very much.

anyway - the waves were incredible. probably the coolest part to me was that there were hundreds of people standing there lined up along the beach watching mother nature...well mother nature plus a breakwater creating a crazy current that produces insane waves. they were watching all that and the crazy bodysurfers getting tossed...literally.
how cute is this boy? i miss his dirty face. his dirty snot-smeared face and dirty fingernails and sweet smile and infectious energy and and and...okay i'll go cry now.

P.S. - this backpack is property of the Barnes' - they carried Bryan and the rest of their kids in it when they were kids and we used it just about every day with bryson...i love love love it...too bad they go and make the backpacks all crazy and cumbersome and SAFE now!

but at least i have this guy here. i nursed bodie today probably 15 times. i'm not sure why he needed to nurse 15 times. the kid weighs as much as some 1 year olds...but he wasn't happy today unless he was nursing...and how do you say no to this face?

but anyway - back to the waves. they were seriously amazing. so soothing to sit and listen to...and the sand there is amazing too...i think i have been around long beach sand too much. yuk - its like the sand in playgrounds.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


okay...if you KNOW me...i mean KNOW as in...have eaten numerous meals with me...may or may not have lived or spent the night several times to have known me that way...been friends since too embarrassed to say how many years...related to me so all the above probably will probably know my infatuation with mom and sister know this...let me just say my blood pressure is consistently low...90/ i use the excuse that my body needs salt, craves it even because it is lacking...whatever the salt debate is throughout the years i dont mind it...because i continue to use it...

since following cooking shows and being more into cooking as my married/motherly years grow in age i have come to love kosher and sea salt...i feel like they dont cover the flavor of foods but enhance it. we keep a bowl at our range which we sprinkle when necessary...and its usually necessary to me. but i just read an article i think all can benefit from when it comes to this wonderful no other than Readymade (which i am proud to say i have subscribed since volume 3)

(this is taken - and paraphrased - from June/July 2009 issue)

*cool off*
chill your favorite bottle of champagne or white wine with a layer of salt mixed in with the ice

*table manners*
if you spill during worries...blot and cover the stain with salt - its absorbing powers will soak it up as you finish your vituals

*smoke and fire*
cover the oven floor spills with salt to stop it from smoking (p.s. salt does great at smothering grease fires)

*foodie facial*
just 1 tsp of olive oil mixed with 1 tsp of salt is a great face mask! mix and gently massage your face....also helps with puffy eyes! dissolve 1 tsp salt in 1 cup warm water. soak cotton pads in the solution and place onto closed home spa bliss

*beet it*
if beets or blueberries or other foods stain your hands make a paste with equal parts salt and vinegar and rub over your hands

*send ants marching home*
place a thin line of salt wherever you see our little friends entering your abode - they will not cross the salty path!

*scour power*
clean your cast-iron and stainless steel pans with salt and a little cooking oil on a dish cloth to wipe away the built up residue

*beach beauty*
if you are like me...perhaps fair skin and averse to the beach scene but love the look and feel of sea-hair...mix the salt in a spray bottle full of water and apply and scrunch and go! beauty for cheap! (no tan, but if you are also like me you wouldn't have one anyway!)

*a cut above*
hate those stains in your wooden cutting board? i do...just rub them with a bit of salt and a lemon wedge... brush the salt away and let dry i hope it stops the salt haters out there...and i hope it helps some of you to find some chemical alternatives/cheap ways to deal with everyday annoyances!

(photo taken from

Friday, July 24, 2009

Peter is back...

Peter...what happened? did you lose your job? can't afford the pricey Celebrations section anymore? have there been little to no concerts you have been able to attend? just know i have missed you...glad to see you back in today's paper...

"Photo shows Peter Fernandez of San Fernando City with lovely Vanessa Dinsay, a 2006 Miss Philippines-Universe, interpreting on beauty and good conduct with her love and compassion to compatriots. Taken on June 13, 2009 at the lively Philippines' Independence Day celebration in Los Angeles."

Also - a quick search reveals that i am not the only one infatuated with Peter...i found this funny article here

sweater rap is back...

many of you know (mom) that my husband is in a *band*...i guess its more of a *group* not sure the *correct* term...anyway - they go by Pseudo Rebels - they have very upbeat party music and their slogan is "sweater rap is back"...long-ish story and definitely more to come once they *finally* release their album.

they have been working their pseudo-tushies off on this project and have hired a marketing group to help them with their marketing, image, website, etc. one thing that they told them as a group that their argyle sweaters were too "safe" and they needed to push the envelope...ummmm...(picture me raising my hand fervently in the air) "i'll help!" i have been continually pushing my opinion on them from the beginning...i helped style their smaller co-stars in one of the music videos (again more to post when the album releases) plus i have been styling my amazingly gorgeous husband for his auditions for of course i pushed myself on this job!

i immediately started searching for that perfect sweater and found an amazing one here for bryan. what i loved about the etsy shop Volcanoland is that when i received the package they had written all over it with geometric shapes and wrote "party time excellent" and "stay cool" p.s. in the cool part they used the o's as eyes and drew a happy face. amazingly late 80's...loved it!

not to mention how rad this sweater is! it may or may not be a woman's sweater, but just picture it with the sleeves rolled up and a collered shirt (i am picturing teal) underneath...i think you get the RAD picture i am proposing are you not? i think it cost $14. not bad...and it was such a hit with the other pseudos that they have now designated me as their sweater stylist....oooooohhhh yeah! i accept! and i will deliver!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

wedding entrance

i want to get married again so i can do this...omg...i teared up at the end - what a dork am i?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ye olde park

we took a walk the other day around the neighborhood and visited our old stomping grounds - our neighborhood tot park - Los Altos Plaza Park...this park has such a special place in my heart - we met so many wonderful people - moms, dads, playmates, friends, nannies, etc. we moved into our place when bryson was 16 months and this was the perfect park. not only the park itself - gated...low structure...clean - but also the fact that a group of regulars met there nearly every weekday from 10-12.

bryson developed his first friendships there. i watched him as he matured from not giving two licks about other kids to devloping interactive play with friends. i watched as he learned to climb and slide by himself and (to my horror) jump off of high things. he and bryan would golf in the outside grass area and he and the other kids would kick a ball...and fight over said ball...and figure it out as kids do. we would hunt for mushrooms and play in the fall leaves and celebrate many a friend's birthday there...not to mention potlucks for baby showers and good-bye parties.

as all good things must see an end so did our park days here...the kids grew up and many of them entered pre-school and our regular meetings there turned into once or twice a week and then no more. when we visited the other day there were no familiar fact the park was empty. bryson is a little big for it now - he likes it for about 30 minutes at a stretch. bodie was content to sit in the stroller and look earnestly at us and ponder why we would want to be up and about.

it was a good reminder at how precious this time with young children is. how quickly they grow. how relationships come and go and the good ones remain constant in the background like a soundtrack. i picture us coming back when bodie is figuring out how to walk and climb and slide and letting him figure it out in this *safe* park while brother finds a nice tree to climb or a nice platform to jump from.

i look forward to the new friendships to be forged and new parks to be discovered and the continuing awe and excitement my boys bring me...feeling truly blessed.

VA Garden Panini

i had to post this because it was a true stroke of culinary brilliance on my part that birthed this sandwich...over-exaggerating you think? well...ha!...i implore you to decide that for yourself after making it!

bryan had every intention of putting off work for another hour or so after our VA garden trip (see previous post) and going out to lunch, however the thought of walking another mile in today's heat coupled with my cheap-o-ness (yes i made that up) made me start thinking of sandwich concoctions that would entice him to eat at home. we had just bought these amazing veggies...i knew i had brie...i knew i had some cracked wheat sourdough...i knew i have this amazing panini maker that came with my pots and pans i got for my 29th birthday and so i told him my idea...he was sold...and home we came.

i cut thick slices of the brie and thick heirloom tomato slices from the garden and added a nice big pile of beautiful chard (although i hate that word...too close probably know) i sprinkled some e.v. olive oil and balsamic vinegar and of course buttered the cracked wheat sourdough bread and pressed it in my panini maker. oh dear...i am in love...with a sandwich...i hope i am not pregnant because i have been thinking about it all day...pregnancy does that to a woman by the way.

by the way...i had asked the lady at the VA garden for spinach and she talked me out of it. i think they secretly didn't have any...but she told me that i should get their chard instead. i don't usually use it, but how amazing...i am now on my way to look up chard recipes and then go back to the garden to buy 5 more bags....

The VA Garden

perhaps my favoritest place in long beach. it has a very special place in my heart...and until now only a handful of people knew about it...but its too good a secret to keep...too good!

we live across the street from the VA hospital. 2 1/2 years ago or so we were exploring our new neighborhood and ventured out of the park estates and found a dirt trail at the end of the VA grounds. we decided to try it out to see where it led - perhaps to the college? perhaps it turned into a trail? well even ended at this AMAZING garden. i mean - the most diverse, well kept, huge garden. we felt like we were trespassing...i guess we were...we couldn't see anyone there and then walking around was an older man...we have come to know - Jim (I believe his last name is Bradford, but not 100%) who is in charge of the garden..."are we allowed to be here?" was the first thing we asked and a smile and an "of course" was what we received in return. He explained that this was the patient's garden...that the Vets maintain it as a part of therapy and also the kitchen uses the *very bountiful* produce.

(I believe the L.A. VA hospital also has a garden and I believe they sell the produce as well and have a huge market in the local restaurants....but I never have asked Jim)

He also told us that the produce and plants were for sale. At that time we had just started planting our first garden and he spent about a half hour with us explaining how to plant in Long Beach - what we will have the most success with - sold us some starter plants - told us we could have the compost for free - just pull our truck on up!

All of their produce is organically grown (evidenced by the spider that came home with our chard :) and not only do the Vets help with the tending, so do aspiring horticulturalists from CSULB and Long Beach City College...who have been tremendous help each time we have come. They spend so much time walking you through - helping you pick out whatever you need. plus let me just tell you about prices! produce - $1 per ziplock bag full of amazing veggies and fruit - 2 cucumbers for $1 - a huge bunch of chard for $1 - 2 heirloom tomatoes for $1 - a flat of flowers (16) for $5. Tomato plants $1. I could go on...we always try to contain ourselves when we go, but its difficult!

They are open in the mornings until 11:00a.m. - I can't recall if they are open during weekends or not...they must "close" but not sure - why am i not sure? because there is no website or phone # or really anything that i know of to double could probably try calling the VA hospital itself...but why would anyone voluntarily call the VA? i mean really?

Bryson loves it there - there are so many different types of trees and plants we have a lot of fun playing "guess the plant" he is getting good at it i must say! his favorite part was the HUGE pumpkin they are growing for a contest. it is only a couple months old and already ginormous! we didnt know it but he picked up a jalapeno pepper from the ground and took it home with us and started eating it along the picky pants eater was eating a raw jalapeno and liked it! whatever...

The garden is located in the very back North East corner of the property...and we found out today that one of their warehouses used to be the brig for the Navy base it was at one point in history during the second world war. The whole garden is extremely well cared for - they have art from the Vets sprinkled throughout and memorial gardens through it as well. and although it always seems like we shouldn't be there because it is so hidden...we are always greeted with smiles and "did you see....?"s

so i hope i convinced you to go...its difficult to park close-by by car....but try to park as close to the water towers as possible. of course i would be willing to accompany you if you must pull my leg! happy gardening!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thrift store books

a new very sweet thrift store opened up and bryson and i have had a lot of fun shopping there. we recently picked up quite a bunch of books and i had to get this one...copyright 1982...the books i grew up with...

what? mary could totally have had red hair and blue almond shaped eyes...and Jesus totally could have been a blond hair blue eyed jewish baby. what? you think the illustrator Sheilah Beckett would not depict the Nativity accurately? surely one would have to be a historian in order to become a children's book illustrator!

Monday, July 20, 2009

pseudo rebels video comment

i never knew people posted video responses to things on youtube. it blows my mind how communities are formed in this new space we are all trying to figure out. this cute little guy lipsyncs his favorite videos in the apple store in NY...he posted one before for the boys and it was so popular he did a follow funny!

Friday, July 17, 2009


this is why i can blog right now...every 10 minutes i go from working to cleaning to the computer to trying to read harry potter...but i cant seem to concentrate - this is just too strange...this has only happened 3 times since bodie has been born...i cant control myself! i know one of them is going to wake up in like 4 minutes and i'll kick myself for not sewing myself a dress or something...oh well!

firework skirt

these skirts went to 3 very special girls - Hope, Eliot and Ella Jayne for the 4th of July. i have had this fabric for some time, but didnt get around to using it until July 3rd...oops! i was going to make some girl smock dresses and post them on our site and laziness ensued...well maybe that is too harsh on myself - work has ensued...the treacherous summer of a pool business owner...sigh...anyway - i wanted a simple little project and this was a great way to use up my 2 yards of fabric and turn it into 3 skirts! and literally it took 15 minutes to make each one! the longest part was the overlocking of the seams...easy peesy! and yes...that is bryson modeling...i was super lazy that weekend on the photos and didnt get one of any of the girls in the skirts! so if any of you mamas are reading and have one please send my way!

Happy Friday!

please enjoy this little spell of brilliance...a literal video of Total Eclipse of the Heart...genius!

chili cook-off

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the end of the co-sleeper an attempt to keep myself together i had a hair appt at a girlfriend's house last night - i put both of the boys to bed and sped off...bodie woke up (not a surprise) and bryan heard him but was trying to see if he was just fussing or truly up...i should have warned him that not only can our bodie bo crawl...he can also climb...and that he did - right out of the co-sleeper across the bed and onto the floor! luckily he fell sideways and not onto his head...luckily he is so big he kinda bounced off the ground...he is fine...thankfully...but that now means the co-sleeper is put away and i have to figure out sleeping arrangements NOW. i thought i would have time - i keep putting it off and putting it longer...part of what has made me not do anything about it is that it is so much easier to co-sleep with a nursing baby...but the part that makes me want to change things is that he wakes so often he is keeping all 3 of us up. i told bryson that bodie was going to sleep in his room soon and he got sooo excited (remember this bryson - you asked for it!) so here we go...this is going to be a tough road getting bodie to sleep - i believe it will be far tougher than it was with bryson even because bryson had no need for need...still doesnt - i force it out of him every chance i get.

on another note - i finally took dear bodie in to the *doctor* (my sister) and she thinks he may have a mild pertusis...this cough he has had since he is now on an antibiotic and i am looking forward to no runny noses and coughs and hoping that will also help him sleep a little better. i am going to get a probiotic today - i think i found one for babies...not sure if they carry it at our whole foods...also - they weighed him - 20lbs 27inches and head is 18cm

PS: can you see those teeth?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i am a little embarrassed to admit it, but i made this for bryson for dinner. i called it octopus noodles and he ate a whole *little* bowl of caeser salad just to get it and then continued to eat the entire *big* bowl of noodles. i have a feeling i will be making it more often!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evolution of the Crawl

so - i had the foresight this time to document bodie's crawling progression. i find it fascinating to watch babies figure out how to move their bodies. i read once that our 6th sense is actually proprioception - knowing your body and how to move it - its amazing how early that sense kicks in! bodie went from wild thrashing, to inchworm and army crawl to getting up on his knees - if you have a few minutes it is kinda cool to watch!

these are also on my youtube channel in case you subscribe...kimmy...

May 31st

June 14th

June 23rd

July 10th

Thursday, July 9, 2009


we decided to give bryson a break from auditioning after a recent less-than-great audition experience...besides...he needs some time to work on his poses anyway...what is this about?

the fourth

brought to you finally on the 9th...sorry...we run a pool business...its july...thats all i have to say. no its not...but thats all i will say about that right now...i wanted to document our lovely 4th instead of're welcome.

we decided to stay in town, which i think was the right decision because we had a packed long thur-mon weekend of dear friends, family, out of town guests and parties...i finally took the deflated balloons down because bryson kept saying "look the balloons that means its still a party!" on tuesday...sorry is over!

on the 4th we did the kids bike parade in the morning - we biked down there all the way from our house, which was like the only exercise i have done in about a month and i was complaning the entire way. then we had jake and mandie and the kids over for some BBQ and pool party and good times...the biggest bummer was when Hopie fell into our skimmer and had to go to the ER - she missed the fireworks (so did we) and had a drunk girl kiss her and had to get 3 stitches on her least it will be memorable!