Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TMAFI: The Food

this is way beyond hot dogs people. every year it seems people get more and more creative with camping food. some of my favorites (since i had to keep moving and tasting everyone's creations) were Julia and Eric's cornbread, my sister's dutch oven chocolate chip cake, the ribs and tri tip my honey served up, the sandwiches jeff and solera were making...which i didnt taste, but looked amazing!

i took laziness to a whole new level this trip. i think because i didn't have the kids and it was just bryan and i - i turned my brain off while packing. i packed like no meals. i planned nothing beyond the one meal. and it was great. it was great also because i have no problem mooching food off of everyone else and when you are surrounded by people who love eating and preparing delicious food, then said mooch is in a good place.

i think its true too while camping - preparing and eating everything outdoors, it just tastes better - fresher - or maybe you put so much more effort into it that the outcome is always more satisfying...or maybe you are so beat after a long day of hiking and fishing that your appetite is more full...whatever the case, we had a good weekend of good eating!

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Paige said...

About 30 seconds after reading this post, I read this one: http://www.makegrowgather.com/posts/2010/6/18/summer-food-mussels-with-sopressata.html

So funny how things always seem to happen in multiples.