Wednesday, June 30, 2010


these two are cracking me up lately. we had some friends over for dinner and the boys were in the back just chasing each other and wrestling and provided us free entertainment for the evening. bodie just adores his big brother and bryson loves to crack him up. yesterday forward rolls were doing the trick. i never really got along with my siblings, so i was not expecting this. and although i know baby #3 and age will change things, right now i am so content watching these two interact and love each other (most of the time :) )

here we are walking bryson to preschool yesterday. bodie wanted to be on his scooter too...he pretty much scooted the entire way...the entire way being about 2 blocks over and 1 block down.

bryson enjoyed preschool very much by the way...he said his favorite part was seeing the tadpoles and his least favorite part was having to kick the soccer ball softly (he wanted to kick it hard)

when i picked him up the teacher said, "he did good" but the good had an inflection that expressed to me, "i see i am gunna have to work with this one". bryson exclaimed to me on the way out, "I had NO time outs mom! NONE!!" wuuuu! success! i am relieved...i know they will figure him out and provide him the very set boundaries that he needs :)

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