Monday, June 14, 2010

Sushi Studio

sushi studio...or why i am a sushi snob and will not eat sushi anywhere else. its not like i know a lot about sushi either...not to brag or anything, but i have eaten REALLY expensive sushi at REALLY nice places, but i dont think anywhere else holds a candle to sushi studio. just preference really...preference for the freshest, bestest, most awesome sushi...but you know...a taste you may disagree if you'd be wrong, but thats okay (as Professor Gundry would say...)

Saturday night bryan craved sushi so off we went...we would go a lot...when i am not "with child"...unborn fetus' are not supposed to eat sushi apparently. you may be thinking that Sushi isnt the best place to go for a pregnant woman and two squirrly children...but sushi studio is great in that they have a lot of delicious cooked fish rolls too. my favorite is the Spicy Girl - shrimp tempura, cream cheese, jalapeno wrapped in rice and topped with mango fried fish cracker stuff, roe and a sweet sauce...yummmmmm....and its great for impatient kids because when you sit at the sushi bar food comes FAST.

and when you have a super cool sushi chef, like one of our favorites Jonathan, they will make your child a mini shrimp roll...and because he thinks he is so cool to have his own roll he will eat the entire thing...on top of the edamame, miso soup. gyoza and shrimp tempura he ate! (which is amazing since this boy is a) the pickiest eater and b) not a big eater at all)

in case you want to go too - Sushi Studio - if you live in the LB area...and love should!

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