Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Dino Color - Dino Zoodie in Black and Green

this one was for a recent sale that didn't fit...those tricky American Apparel sizes. i need to just code them all a size down...which would take a lot of work right now...they originally ordered a green and purple dino, which doesnt come in sizes bigger than she requested this black and green one.

i really like how it turned out. it was for her son's dino themed birthday party and she asked that the plates go all the way down the back...

not the best picture...not the most willing model...not the best fit, but i am thinking of making one in a smaller size to take some pics with.

what do we think about the plates going all the way down the back? too much? i was playing around with a dragon type of one that would have something down the back, but i haven't decided if it makes it too "costumey"? thoughts?


JoAnna said...

Super cute! I agree that the plates down the back make it more costumey - but cute all the same. :)

Angie Rebennack - the Outfit said...

i'm guessing if you polled kiddos about the plates down the back, they'd love it! So I say it's a good one!