Monday, June 28, 2010

Long Beach Patchwork Re-Cap

whew! i am tired! and jazzed...but tired...patchwork happened yesterday...thank you to everyone who came out and said hi! it means a lot to have your support...we didn't get a lot of pictures...i had asked Bryan, but he was busy chasing down 2 boys who happened to be running all over the place...not sure why because when i have them they always stay in a line right behind me with their hands clasped behind their backs...right? moving on...

so the coolest thing about doing shows for me is interacting with the people. there is so little of that "on-line" apart from a couple of emails possibly. but to see the kids and parents respond to the things we make is really neat and encouraging. it makes me want to do more shows because of it...but maybe after a nice resting period.

Linz made some darling bibs...i snagged a couple...3 actually...they are perfect because the tops of all of Bodie's shirts are destroyed...rendering a lot of them non-passer-down-a-ble...i have tried everything to get some of the stains is the drool combined with food products and whatever else he finds to put in his mouth - all collecting on the tops of this way he is much more fashionably dirty...

rashelle with her bryan the stink eye for taking her picture...sorry rashelle - it was one of the only ones!

and linz wasnt quite ready for her close-up either...

this is me and my marketing/PR rep Liz of Lascaze PR...she is amazing and if you stopped by while she was around she probably put a zoodie on your child and convinced you they needed her!

that was also a highlight for me was to see people's reactions to far the parents seemed a lot more excited than the children, and i had a lot of people ask if i make adult sizes...but to see people interact with them was really neat and encouraging...because truthfully sometimes i think they are a little silly...but other times i think they are to get any type of encouragement is motivating!

i did do some shopping too! later i will post some links and pics of some of my favorite vendors...and there were a lot of good ones!

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rashelle said...

Ow, my arm!
I had a fun day, we should do it again but November being the earliest.