Monday, June 21, 2010

TMAFI: The Fishing

our trip was usual...i almost cried on friday (sitting on the shore of a gorgeous lake with absolutely nothing to do but check my line) just so happy to be there and not have responsibility for anyone or anything. i had forgotten what that is like. its really the only time that bryan and i are truly on vacation since cell phones don't work up there.
(i will be posting on different parts of the trip during the week, since it was epic and all. this post is strictly on the fishing.)

this picture is of Bryan at Convict Lake - which is just 2 miles off the 395 between Mammoth and Bishop. this lake is a tarn and one of the most beautiful in my opinion. the water is this amazing blue and all the trout caught there that day had the same blue tint on the top. it was windy...wind seemed to be a bit of a problem for us this trip, but we did all right.

it wasn't my personal best fishing weekend. i got skunked on friday and only caught 1 on tournament day, but i can't complain. i was in one of the most beautiful places with some of my favorite people, so don't feel sorry for me.

see the pic of me with those two handsome fellas?...those are my cousins, blake and rusty...they backpacked for a couple days before meeting up with us on saturday. they hiked in and slept in their bags under the stars and cooked up ants and caught a deer in an animal trap they made (by accident...they let it go BTW) and made a spear and a spoon. they crack me up and i was so glad they made it to us safely...
tournament day - the tournament is held at Lake Sabrina - we fish from 7am-4pm - i think some people did great and some people did horribly...i did not do as well as other years...just one caught while trolling...and no one caught any tagged fish, but we had probably the best weather we ever had on the lake - it was mid 60s and little to no wind and blue sky and just an amazingly beautiful lake.

i am already feeling like i need to go back...i left too many fish in those lakes!


JoAnna said...

That looks like so much fun!

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

So fun that your OTHER cousins got to meet you there!!!