Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Captain Napkinface

this was the result of an eye poke that younger brother gave to older brother sunday at approximately 5:00pm. we weren't sure if there was something stuck in the eye...if the eye was scratched...if it just hurt...but several wakings and bryson not being able to open his eye led us to an ophthalmologist yesterday afternoon. he found a scratched eye...put some sort of goo in there and this not so nifty eye patch. bryan took him to the doctor (because he had a golf lesson afterward that he refused to miss...he can still hit a ball with his good eye after all) and on the phone bryson told me, "i look like a pirate kinda, but not really". ooohhh...see what ya mean...so i fashioned him a felt eye patch...much better.

i realize this will not be the last incident of "brotherly love" in fact...we have suspected that Bodie, being the big puppy in a small room, will be at the giving end of many a trip to the doctor...but Bryson is having a hard time understanding that Bodie did not intend to do this. he kept asking me to poke Bodie in the eye back. i am kinda hard pressed to try to explain intent and when exactly one harbors ill intent...any suggestions? i tried to have my sister explain to Bryson that when she and my brother were little he broke her arm on accident and she wasn't mad at him...she forgave him because it was an accident...ummm....hardly less than successful of a discussion...i need kid terms and this is a big concept...

PS: we deemed him Captain Napkinface...but he prefers Captain No-Beard

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...


And of course, he wanted to go to his golf lesson...sheesh.

And yes, Bodie is a bull in a china shop...unless he's wearing my high heels, in which case, he's as dainty as a mouse. ; )