Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Iron Chef 30th Bday

the reason we went up to santa barbara last weekend was for our dear friend Eric's 30th bday party. His Swedish Chef/Iron Chef Style 30th bday party actually. His amazingly event-planning/decorating talented wife Julia put together an amazing birthday that i am sure we all will remember for a long time to come.

the party was a competition as well. there were 4 courses (apps, salad, main and dessert) and 2 teams of 2 chefs each prepared a course. in case you are bad with math that is 16 cooks...8 different mini-tasters...all were amazing.

i think what is really kind of funny about my group of college friends is that we all sort of picked up on hobbies together...toward the end of college we decided that we would start fishing. some of us had literally never fished before, but that was the hobby of the moment, so most went with it.

after college it became cooking for a lot of them...not i...i found my own million other hobbies...i am only a practical chef...but thankfully i have a husband who loves to cook and good friends who love it also! in every team though, there was at least one pretty avid amateur chef...

anyway...back to the party...the courses each had a secret ingredient and a wine pairing and we were to practice before the big event. the secret ingredients were:
appetizer - andouille sausage
salad - melon
main course- oyster mushrooms
dessert - honey

the sad part is that not a lot of pictures were taken of the people...the food kinda took center stage.

julia made aprons for all the chefs and decorated the party Swede style...really the best way...blue and yellow are supremely beautiful together :)

thank you so much Julia for an amazing party - sorry we had to peace out before the votes were tallied...Bodie woke up toward the end (1:30am) and did not fall back asleep until 3:30, then thought it would be a great idea to wake up for good at 6:30...needless to say it was a rough night...but oh so worth it!

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