Monday, June 14, 2010

My Swedish Phase

in preparation for Patchwork Long Beach...BTW...June 27th at the Marine going? you should! preparation, i have been using up old fabrics and turning it into dresses and realized i have a major Swedish thing going on...i can not stay away from the blue and yellow...or that gingham...

in my defense, at $2/yard...its hard not to fall in love with gingham!

i almost gave up on this pattern because the last couple i made did not turn out right, but after recently seeing a couple of babes wearing the dress like this that i made for them still after a year and a half and one still wears it after 2 years i believe...well, it made me a believer. that plus they are super easy to make!

i am going to wait to post these to the shop until after the show...maybe even after august...because if this little babe #3 does happen to be a girl...she will be mostly swedish after all :)

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