Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TMAFI: The Champ

my brother, Jake, won the TMAFI tournament this year. i think he deserved his own post. it may even become a bit sappy, who knows...but i am genuinely happy that he won (although i am getting kinda antsy to win again!) he pretends like he doesn't would probably think he thought it any other day of fishing. he certainly doesn't participate in a lot of the trash talking that goes on around the campfire pertaining to who is going to school who in fishing.

the truth is that my brother is a good fisherman. i mean it...good. he has the simplest rig on his line too. just a sinker or small weight, maybe a bobber if he is going to fish from the top, usually a small size 10 hook and he'll throw a bit of powerbait, or salmon eggs or a chunk of a worm. and he usually always catches a fish. he has good instinct with the fish and i have learned to follow his lead a lot of the time. he has been fishing those Bishop Lakes since he was in High School, so i think it only fitting that a title go with his vast expertise :)

i have fished with him at many a different shore - lake or ocean. one of my favorite times fishing with him was in San Diego when our family stayed in a beach house and we took our rods out the front door and down some stairs. bryson was about 18 months and ran naked along a private beach while his kids played in the sand. we both caught some tiger sharks and for a good hour or two the kids made lakes and canals for the sharks to swim in before we let them go back in the ocean. he almost always lets them go too....

we never got along as kids. and by never i mean...never. constant constant fighting...but now...although he is still very much a big brother...very much so...he has become someone i enjoy being with...he is an amazing father and his passion for things continue to inspire me, because he is silent, but when you get him going about something he can't help but fall in love a bit too...except with the T-Rex...i will never care for the T-Rex...sorry (i couldnt even find a link or image to show you what that is...its a souped up off-road golf cart)

so congrats big brother! you can join us other lucky few in claiming the oh-so-coveted TMAFI Champ title!
(pic shows past TMAFI winners and the newest one!)

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