Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TMAFI: The best basketball game ever

so what do you do when you are in the sierras and game 7 of the NBA playoffs is happening and you happen to have a strong mix of very devoted Laker fans and very devoted Celtic fans in your camping party? well you find a mountain lodge that is willing to put a TV on their deck so your camping party can be together to watch history happen...thats what.

probably one of the most memorable basketball games ever. not just because the game itself was intense - low scoring, coming down to defense and free throws...not just because the finals came to a game 7 with the two most successful basketball franchises with seemingly the longest playoff history...but because we were in an amazing place with amazing people and the energy was so tense and wonderful you couldnt help but scream when your team just got possession!

i was nervous for our Celtics fans...i wouldnt have wanted to root against the lakers up there...and they were sure cocky those first 3 quarters...but then...4th quarter...they became very solemn...very inward...very cautious....but not us laker fans! we know our boys are 4th quarter boys! those last 3 minutes saw a lot of people pacing back and forth and at the end everyone was hugging and cheers-ing...good times!

here is me looking very relaxed...but dont let me fool you...i wanted to leave - it got too intense!  but i am glad i stuck it out...history happened people!


    Rashelle said...

    I was thinking about you during the game and wondering if you were able to watch...I was confident you'd find a way.

    Anonymous said...

    Howard and I were thinking of you the entire time and wondering especially if Jake was down in Bishop watching or what. So glad you got to watch since it was such an exciting game. Yayyyy