Monday, June 7, 2010

New Dino Zoodie Up in Shop

sadly...american apparel is discontinuing the army green sweatshirt...very sad indeed, since this little dino seems to be a favorite among mamas and kiddos! so i will be offering different color options for your little dino. Recently a mama asked for one with turquoise plates and she thought Navy would be a good color for the sweatshirt, and it turned out so cute that it is now up in the shop!

Any other ideas for color combos you think would look cute? Please tell!!


Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Ooooh - I love it! Now I want one for E in those colors, too. ;) It would look great with his eyes!

How about a grey sweatshirt with orange scales?

Kaci Lundgren said...

Purple!!! "I love you, you love me..." (just kidding) Maybe yellow with green scales.

Jonathan, Rachel, Greta said...

I was gonna say something with some orange in it.