Monday, August 2, 2010

OC Fair

i have intentionally cleared our August one and only "nesting" habit of this pregnancy is to refuse to commit to ANYTHING this month. feels good. especially in the midst of an over-committing frenzy i recently had...

so saturday found us plan-less and we decided to brave the fair with the boys. it was such a blast. for reals. and let me tell you - i fell in love with my husband all over again. he was like super-dad that are a couple reasons:

1. he did all the chasing of the Bod-monster (which is a task these days...the boy is super crazy fast!)

2. he won like every carney game he played and although i can't stand stuffed animals...the boys thought he was amazing! he also won a goldfish for bryson and two days later the boys are still obsessed with the thing...i am expecting it to last another 2.5 days...

3. he let bryson play this "game" whereupon Bryson threw a ball at a target and popped a GIANT water balloon on Bryan's head and soaked him...2 days later and Bryson is still talking about how cool that was.

4. he went on a flying pink elephant ride with heart melted a was very sweet.

5. he bought me a fried Klondike bar and didn't complain too much that i wouldn't share :)

one of our favorite things to do every year is get the latest fried whatever...then we love visiting the garden and seeing the entries people submit. i love visiting the animals...the smell brings me back to childhood...i think that was bodie's favorite part too - him and those goats man...he loves the favorite part is of course all the home-made stuff - the quilts and the wood workings and the food entries...even the cheesy table settings...but i didnt make it through - i didnt think the boys would tolerate it for any sort of length of time...but no matter - we had a memory-making type of day!

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Paige said...

I swore I was going to enter a table setting this year to the midstate fair... but I forgot. Next year!