Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bat Zoodie Prototype

oh man...never promise bryson something unless you are SERIOUS...this kid has a memory! so when i promised him back when to make him a bat zoodie, he has not let me forget it! 

i love it because just this morning bryson asked me if he could wear his Max suit to school. "no" i replied, "because you would be the only one wearing a costume and that might be a little silly". he paused and thought for a moment then said, "well, can i wear my bat zoodie then?" sure! 

granted...this may be a little "costumey" but with the arms down it isn't so bad...plus he will take it off - its summer after all - and his alter-ego will be exposed.

i finally found some material that some what resembled bat wings...shiny-ish and leathery-ish...the problem is that it is extremely hard to work with...too slippery and this whole little zoodie took up quite a chunk of my afternoon.

so i am thinking of modifying it out of jersey. that way the edges don't need to finished - they can be thrown in the wash easier and will stretch with the child.

So sadly...they will not be available in the shop until i am thrilled with it...which i am not at this point. but bryson is...so that makes a mama quite tickled! 

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JoshuaSwanson said...

Love it. You have such a great model too. How much do you pay him?