Sunday, August 15, 2010

My little golfers

i came out in the backyard yesterday to cute is this?

bodie is quickly picking up the sport - he now can successfully make contact with the ball about 80% of the time...which is approximately 30% better than what i can do...

this is how he holds the club...i love it...bryan is going to cut down some of bryson's old clubs for him, but i think this grip works...i'm gunna try it anyway....

big bro showing him how its done. Bryson just finished his third class through the city Parks n Rec golf classes. The teacher is Nancy Dunn - she is pretty awesome with the kids - she wrote this book and curriculum...

bryson is still a little ADD for the class, but he has improved a lot! he told me the other day that golf was his job...i told him that he would have to go to a lot of classes for golf to be his maybe someday!

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Whitney Hannah Hill said... - that hat. He is tooo cute.

My friend got her zoodie - she said that her daughter, Lilia - has been wearing it every night to bed since (too hot during the day to wear it now). ;) Thanks!