Thursday, August 5, 2010

the BELLY - a 36 week random thought post

so i had thought i looked pretty much the same as i have the past two pregnancies...but recently people have told me how different i my face and how i am carrying. I saw my midwife, Sue, on Tuesday for my 36 week check up and she was going on and on at how different i look than i did with Bodie.

i hadnt noticed anything differently - maybe i will be so bold to say i didnt gain as much weight...and my face isnt balloony-yet...i also noticed that this time around i havent gotten the linea negra - the dark line that goes from your belly button up - i got it with both the boys - and dark! and it didnt go away for a looong time. but so far there isnt anything. Sue said that is what happened with her - when she had her girl she didnt have a line, but she did with her boy. I am curious if that has happened to any of you? i think its one of those "things" like carry high for girl or low for boy kind of silly thing...what do you think? 

personally i think that if you have 2 boys and you are known for making cute girl things everyone REALLY wants you to have a girl...

i honestly have not been antsy about finding out the gender until just a week or so i am a little obsessed - maybe that is a bit of "nesting" - preparing myself for this little one...or trying to...when you have a homebirth you want your house to be spotless...only that is next to impossible when you share that house with 3 dirty boys!! i am trying not to let that get to my sanity...which is holding on by a thread these days thanks for asking!

(PS - those pics are from left: courtesy of Jen Johnson Photography and taken a couple weeks ago and the one on the right is from December of 2008 - about 2 weeks before Bodie was born)


rashelle said...

I think your hair looks shorter with this pregnancy.

But seriously, I had a linea negra with both of my girls but it could be different person to person...I guess we'll find out soon.

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

I think you're smaller than you were with the Bodster.

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Yep, I think smaller this time around, too.

And for both of my boy pregnancies, I got the dark line - that took forever to go away. Interesting.

If it makes you feel any better...I'm hanging on by a thread over here, too - although no pregnancy. Just sickness, stress and grumpiness...

Hang in there! The pregnancy will be over soon - and you'll have a little babe strapped to ya. And then you'll miss being pregnant one day. Crazy, huh?

Paige said...

I am not sure that you are smaller this time (though it may totally be true... hard to tell, cause I don't see you nearly enough) but your shape is totally different. You look, I don'k know... rounder? That sounds bad... I mean that you are holding the baby around your middle rather than all in front, which actually makes you look smaller. That sounds counter intuitive, I know.

I totally had no desire to find out gender the first time around, but I am already having a hard time of it second time around- and I am not even pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just have to weigh in on this! Toward the end of my pregnancy everyone (strangers) told me that my belly looked "boy". This was interesting cause I was initially convinced it was a girl. I carried very differently with the second pregnancy than I did with Greta. And, sure enough -- BOY!!!!

Can't wait to hear your happy news. :)


linsey said...

I am way behind you, but I don't have that linea negra either (I did the other two) and I am carrying different as well...but I'll be damned if that wasn't a little pecker in our boys ultrasound! And, dude, you look AWESOME!!!