Friday, August 13, 2010

saying goodbye to the rat tail...

so sad...but i know this post is going to bring my mother and brother and sister such joy.

i dont know why a rat tail is so offensive to some.

but i do admit it was getting looooong. he wanted to cut it shorter, so i let him...then he wanted to cut it off completely.

he has rocked the look for awhile - since january - so perhaps it was time...but was sad to see it go.

i am still trying to convince him to let B put lines in his hair...kinda like vanilla ice or kriss kross...whatcha think?

oh and this is why you dont let a 4 year old fidgety boy get his face painted...tragedy...

1 comment:

Paige said...

Yeah! loved the idea of it, but it was getting sorta gross. Glad it was on his terms though!