Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fullerton Arboretum

we met up with good friends earlier this week at one of our favorite spots - The Fullerton Arboretum...and by "our" i mean rashelle and i...but i am sure it is becoming one of the kiddos favorites too...especially after our little adventure this week!

Huck Finn had nothin on these guys! we had a lovely little picnic...interrupted by dear Charlotte going for a dip in the duck pond...which also is a home for a bunch of catfish and turtles...which Bryson has NOT stopped talking about catfish BTW...he is ob-sessed! he kept talking about their sucker mouths...their vacuum mouths...they sucked the bread down under...he is amazed by these gross catfish...really? i am surprised? i guess not...he is obsessed with all things disgusting. yesterday i had to tell him not to play with maggots. i never thought in a million years i would have to tell someone not to play with maggots.

anyway...where was i? oh our dear charlotte fell in the duck pond and so we decided to go around to a nice quiet little creek and let the kids explore. well, really we were more sick of trying to keep them all out - we gave in and let them go...and they LOVED it! can you tell?

look at this face? is she not the cutest little thing? posing and everything? goodness me...

they were so adorable together - cracking each other up and playing in the cute...

bryson found a bunch of shells...obsession #2 - they look like mussels...but at the arboretum? i thought it a bit strange...he took some home (please don't tell on us) and that afternoon made up a bunch of "Shell Games" - where you had to throw the shell in various baskets/wagons/buckets for points. he is becoming vastly creative with his boredom - i love it!

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