Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Renegade Faves

i made it to Renegade last Sunday...but barely! it was sooo hot! some snooty lady told me it looked like i was i guess i didnt do too great a job hiding that fact! but here are some of the stuff that i saw and liked over there!

1. I picked up this darling little headband from Bobby Soxie

2. The traditional gift for your 9th wedding anniversary is B and I have been keeping our eyes open for a cool piece to gift each other. I loved the work of Eri Sugimoto (her shop only has mugs, but her booth had plates and bowls...all gorgeous!)..i didnt pull the trigger because i wanted to show B first...but loved it!

3. I loved the Tees at Gnome Enterprises...always a sucker for old school...Here is Bryson sporting his new pac-man shirt...

4. They had a ton of amazing artists there - one i fancied was Nate Duval. i loved this print in particular!

5. There were these amazing coat racks and paintings on beautiful wood by Tiny Sparks Design. I think one of them may need to be a gift for the baby...yeah...the baby...that's right...

6. Another amazing wood worker was ribbit stopit. beautiful wood puzzles and hangings.

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Aw man - I'm jealous - I wanted to go but it meant going with both my boys - which sounded not fun. ALSO...I thought you were awful quiet lately - I forgot to switch my subscription to your new address. I've missed the last zillion posts. Anyway...I'm back and I subscribed. Love the maternity shots. Helllo skinny arms!