Friday, August 6, 2010

El Dorado Nature Walk

i came down with a bug this week and so bryan was left to abandon work and take the kids adventuring. 

its nice that our business allows him/me to do these sorts of things...but the next day back is always ugly...there is no such thing as "time off" when you work for yourself/from home...its just "time extended" and then piles and piles of work...but when i download these pictures it makes me feel so blessed we are able to do just that...and then we can attack those piles with a new sense of perspective...

the nature walk had been closed for some restoration work, but is now open...yay! one of our favorites to explore!

and the little redhead? bryan says she was a cute little 2 year old that seemed to be taken with Bodie...i can't say i blame her - he is quite the dapper dude!

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