Friday, August 27, 2010

The post where i tell off complete strangers...

i was laying awake last night and thinking of this and was chuckling to myself...

so...if you have ever been pregnant than you know it is an open invitation for complete strangers to not only ask you intimate questions, but also to divulge intimate details of their life as well without danger of social taboo...we know this...we complain about it, but we know this...

well - i totally remember why i stopped leaving the house after a bit with both of my boys - its because of people....people and their comments...and i just want to be left alone...and not stared here are some of the comments i have received...enjoy!

these happened this week:

Lady at the Sandwich Store: "After you have baby, you bring baby here for sandwich" - hmmm - not sure if she meant for me to eat a sandwich or to feed my baby a i just smiled.

Lady at the Grocery Store: my belly was hidden by the cashier thingy and when i went to pick up my groceries, she just said, "Wow!"

Homeless Man: "Are we having a boy?" are not having anything!

Hygienist at the Dentist Office: "You don't look like you are about to have a aren't swollen or anything!" you tell me if i were?

these have happened throughout:

Lady at the bank: " are a cute pregnant person. Most of the pregnant ladies that come in here are in sweats. I want to look like you when I am pregnant" - uhhh...thanks...but dont be too impressed, i wish i were in sweats right now!

Inevitably around 7 months with each pregnancy someone says, "Any Day Now!!" and i say through gritted teeth, "Actually I have 6 more weeks, but thanks!" and hope they never tell another pregnant person that again!

Oh and there was the guy at the tire store who asked me if it was a boy or girl and when i told him we didnt know he said he would have given me a sticker to put on my belly.
ME: "Yeah - cause that is what i need, to draw more attention to my belly!"
HIM: "Why not? Its great!"
ME: "Because everyone feels they can talk to you because of it and ask annoying questions....not you, of course!"
(I actually said was one of my bitchier moments...i'm not even mad at myself about it)

and anytime someone says, "You are ready to pop!" i hold myself physically back from saying..."Yeah - pop you in the face for using that stupid expression!"

oh wow! i feel much better!

and yes i am still pregnant...and yes i will udpate this blog or have Bryan update it shortly after the baby is born! i have been having stronger contractions and feeling like i did with my last days with Bodie, so that keeps me hopeful it could be soon! the weather cooled down for me and we are ready!!

(this pic above was taken with this recent heat wave...i love how tan Bodie is compared to my big white belly!)


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Bodie's about to fall right off your lap. ; )

Loved this post! Can't wait to meet Mystery Baby X.


Anonymous said...


I'm thinking of you as you prepare for this very special time. It will be wonderful and perfect and everything you need it to be - particularly because it has now cooled off! I'm thinking of you daily now and will be waiting for the momentous blog post. Can't wait to meet the little Sweet B. :)

Anonymous said...

today i got: "what are you, like due tomorrow or something?"

not quite dude, i wish :)

you are though, right?

good news is that we'll both meet our little ones soon!


linsey said...

at Ace Hardware today the saleswoman said to me...
"I am assuming a girl this time?"

Me: No, another boy.

Saleswoman: "Oh, WOW! My daughter just had triplets but she luckily got 2 girls and a boy. Not all the same sex."

WOW! is right lady.

CarleeKajsa said...

melissa...i am due tomorrow...but i think this baby may not have gotten that memo :)

linz...why is it that people think 3 boys is such a curse? they must now know how fun boys are! i forgot to include the COPIOUS amount of comments like, "trying for a girl this time?" how rude!!!

Punky said...

I love that Bodie is blonde haha!