Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dalmatian Zoodie

i know...i know...dalmatians are more white with black spots...but seriously, are there moms out there who would put their toddler in a white sweatshirt? maybe an infant...but a toddler? i think i am jaded because a) my boys are dirt magnets and b) i myself can not wear white because i ruin it every time...i guess i know where it comes from!

the only problem is that bryan's first reaction was, "cute cow"...ummm...i hope the ears are a better give-away that its a dog, not a cow...but i see his point...and i think a cow zoodie is needed too - different spots and ears and how bout a pink semi-udder where the pockets are? too much?

i dont know why i am having this zoodie craziness happening a week away from my due date, but i have all these accessorizing your zoodie (i am making an Angelina Ballerina mouse for my cousin's daughter - and the bows can turn any "boy" zoodie into an instant girly one) and an infant line - where i can make all sorts of white zoodies - polar bears and dalmatians and a white mouse....

its just bout you??!! have a good zoodie idea? spill it...i would love to hear! that is how about half of these were made to begin with!

The Dalmatian Zoodie is now available in the shop:

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