Thursday, August 12, 2010


i rarely listen to music when i am in my car...unless i am with the kids, then we listen to their music most of the time, but if i am by myself its talk radio. i have XM radio, which i have had for 6 years...which i got because of the talk radio and now i have 4 channels of NPR. one of the PRX - public radio exchange. they play stories like all the time. they broadcast the MOTH program and SALT cast.
if you are already familiar with those guys...then you know how cool it is...if you don't - try downloading a podcast...or two...or five...and checking them out - they are trying to bring back the art of storytelling and its amazing. if you enjoy, This American Life - you will dig it...I believe Ira Glass (the host) was a student at SALT.

if you know me may know that i have played with the idea of doing a stand-up open mic night...since i have been listening to PRX i know want to do storytelling instead...i am still frightened to death about it, but it seems more my style. 

at MOTH - they have open mic night for storytelling set around a theme - tuesday night's was "Narrow Escape" - when i was trying to explain to people what we were doing it sounded so lame...uh...we are going to hear people tell stories...but its not like your loud uncle who tells the same stories every thanksgiving and you are bored to tears...i mean, its LA...these are actors...but its true stories...which gives them a human quality. my favorite was this sweet sweet dorky guy telling his story of constructing a potato gun and the cops coming and then him asking the cops if they wanted to see him fire it off...but you would have fallen in love with this kid - he was so sweet. 

sorry for the lame phone pic...its the best i could do...the room was packed! so if you go get there early! because apparently there are a lot of other people who think storytelling is cool.


linsey said...

i think you just sold me on keeping to XM radio in the new sweet ride. I also think storytelling is rad and will definitly be checkig all of that out! Btw, I finished The History of Love a little while ago and looooooved it! Thanks again! <3

CarleeKajsa said...

Linz - its channel 136 - PRX - you will love it!!

and History of Love is sooo good! i am so glad you liked it - we must discuss :)

Anonymous said...

HI Carlee!

If you are interested in storytelling you may be interested in the Long Beach Storytellers:

I always wanted to attend but never got to it. I'd still be open to going, though. That goes for Moth, too! (And yes, I would put my name in the hat.) :)


CarleeKajsa said...

Thanks Rachel! that is so cool - we will have to go sometime!