Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Summer Nightie

it all started because my machine broke...well i thought just my embroidery part was broke, turns out there were several issues with my machine and the owner of the AAA Sew N Vac told me he had never seen a bobbin casing so destroyed in 2 years...oops! i told him i am a better sewer now...he scolded me a little, but out of love - he (Aman) and his wife (Amina) are awesome people! ...he also replaced my motor and tuned it up and my machine is absolutely purring!! its like brand i have been all inspired all over again...

since B has been gone i took advantage of the solo nights and sewed up a zoodie storm...but then i saw this fabric sitting in my pile that my sweet niece Hope picked out for me and the book, One Yard Wonders and thought that the summer nightie might make for a good little project. Plus it also crossed off a goal of mine for this year to make something for MYSELF. what a concept!

i was also inspired because after i gave birth to Bodie -  i was at home and i had to change into something...what a concept, right? but my post-birth hormone brain could not think of anything to wear....i hadn't thought about it at all so i ended up wearing a boy-beater you have all sorts of people coming to see you and the baby, so its good to have something to cover up, but still be able to nurse...anyway - i have given it more thought and now have a couple nighties that i can use. and now i have one that i made! wu!

it was super quick to whip up - the instructions were a bit weird to me...especially the attaching of the triangles to the bodice...i would do it differently next time - like i would double up the triangles and sew right sides together and then turn them out, attach the bias tape and then attach to the bodice...just in case you were tempted to make this number...just a suggestion! . I also added 5" length to the bodice because i like my nighties a little right now i happen to have a huge belly!

and i even had some bootie shorts i whipped up (which i am wearing in this pic, but sagged them for your sake - no one wants to see a 39 week pregnant bootie)...a complete little outfit...somebody stop me i am out of control!


Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Wow - your nesting I'd taking on
much more creative than mine ever did. That's so great! Cute nightie! So glad Bryan is home - what a relief to not have to worry about that anymore! You're sooo close! Can't wait to meet bebe.

linsey said...

If you feel the need to make an extra nightie for a friend who will be laboring 2 months after you she wouldn't complain! ;) That is sooooo cute Carlee!

rashelle said...

Cute, cute. That print is lovely, well done.