Thursday, March 25, 2010

a word on composting...and worm poop...good ol' worm poop

dont tell my mom, but we left our old compost bin at our old house. it was a trash can that my husband drilled holes in and we would manually turn it every so often. i cant remember if we ever added worms. but it became neglected (around the time Bodie was born...hmmm...imagine that) and too much work so we left it.

we just planted our garden this last weekend (pics and posts to follow soon promise) and my BIL gave us some wonderful worm poop (pic of said poop to the right) to help boost our garden and so we have been trying to find the best way to compost. My BIL Pete took a class on composting and is super into it and his worms...which i dont blame him...worm poop is pretty awesome stuff.

The thing with the composter is - I dont want one that is a lot of manual labor...and that takes forever to produce....and that will get filled too quickly. basically - i want a lazy-woman's go along with our lazy garden :)

a girlfriend shared this with me a year ago and i have been dreaming of one ever since - The Nature Mill Compost - ohmigosh...this is oh so perfect for me - it can compost up to 120 lbs a month of kitchen scraps! and you can compost meat and dairy too! it makes it in 2 weeks! now you ready for this...its $300! so...there are a few other things we could be spending $300 on right now...maybe bryan will get this for me for a birthday present or something super romantic like that :)

if you are interested in composting and live in long beach check out our environmental services webpage on composting here - if you aren't in LB, then perhaps your local city's environmental services have a similar thing going on? you can purchase a composter and they will just tag it on your bill...even if you live in an apartment they have options for you.

we are thinking of the earth machine (pictured right) not only does it look like a darth vader also is only $40 - has a convenient harvest door and i believe it supports vermicomposting.

we havent purchased anything yet, so if you have any other brilliant ideas - let me know! i am all for letting our little wormies do all the work and i can just reap the benefits...


Rubyellen said...

i definitely have to tell ben about these ideas! we need something for compost badly!!!

Paige said...

We have a great method that I can write up for you... you just need a little space outside and some scrap wood... and there is very little upkeep.

linsey said...

thanks for the reminder. i keep forgetting to order my worms. yippee.

Paige said...

I just posted for you on my blog... first post in a month!

(I have been working on one for a while about the bathroom remodel, but it is taking a LONG time)