Saturday, March 27, 2010

i cant believe i am doing this again...

i mean a quilt...not this pregnancy...although at the moment, after a day like today, that too. but back to the quilt. i had no intention of doing/starting a quilt. in fact my "projects" box is overflowing with already cut pattern pieces and "need-to-do" birthday presents and my fabric bins are also overflowing and i certainly didnt need to go buying any fabric - just cause i fell in love with the gingham and the colors and thought how cute a comforter that would make...certainly i didnt need to do that. but that is, in fact, precisely what i did the other week and for a week have been cutting little 5x5 inch squares....garrr...right now i am pretty mad at myself for starting this cause i cant stop!

i am completely blaming this on pregnancy hormones. because this is a little shade of crazy right now. i have this awkward obsession at the moment with aqua and orange and is overtaking my closet and the boys' room and it just makes me i found this gingham and wanted to just marry them all. it is satisfying some weird tick in my crafty brain i guess. so this is big and has taken quite a few of my evenings up, but i am pretty happy with it. i know i have to completely take out the last row because it is about a half inch off, but other than that i can live with the other mistakes. i still am undecided about the backing and have a lot of gingham leftover, that i am just obsessed with as well - it was only $2 a yard, so its not like i went too nutzoid...but still. i need someone to snap me out of it and keep me on track. i have a craft fair coming up and at this rate i am not going to have anything in my booth!

so all this rambling to say - i need your help...i have a brown gingham that i was originally thinking of using as the backing - not sure if it is too harsh...i was thinking a gray linen border that would match the big gray linen squares and then strips of the gray and brown gingham on the back...i guess at the time i was thinking it could be reversible if the colors change in the room...but also - i do have all the gingham in the quilt leftover...or i could do just a plain white back...and i am crafted out at this point and need some please...HELP!


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the brown gingham! :)


Punky said...

that's exactly what I was going to say Rachel! Word for word!