Thursday, March 18, 2010

bodie and the hybrid

it starts early in the morning. if he gets a chance to escape outside he pounces. he hunts all over for his special club...the hybrid. only this club will do folks...only this club. none other keep his attention ALL day. literally ALL day he would hold that thing if i let him.

he knows how to put the ball on the tee and he swings as best he can...and makes contact about 85% of the time...which is a better stat than i could probably say for myself.

i never knew having a backyard would mean the beginning of an obsession for both my boys. Bodie will not put this club down for anyone or anything. i had to get Bryson a new one just to stop the constant fighting...bad parenting? i dont was worth it!

he even bounces with it. i am very excited for bryson, however (bodie will have to wait a couple years) bryan is signing him up for a golf class through parks and rec to learn the fundamentals of the game. i think he is at about the skill level where bryan can take him on the course...i believe they will evaluate him at the an afternoon of Bodie and i will be nice and an afternoon of father and son will be much appreciated i am sure!

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

It's really unbelievable how both of them are so naturally drawn to golf at such young ages...I mean, you have a BABY who likes to golf. That's crazy!!! : )