Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rebourne Sweater Vest boys are golfers. its fine. really. a lifetime of lonely saturday mornings is not that bad. in fact if this one is a boy too (likely) and a golfer (even more likely...boy or girl for that matter) i can look forward to saturday mommy about 5 years...but

okay back to reality...laundry and diapers and chasing after this little guy all day. he's a climber. and the tough part is that he is a quiet sneaky one. bryson is loud all the time, so when it got quiet i knew there was trouble brewing...but this one...he is sneaky...i will be doing something and turn around and he is on his knees on the dining room table so happy.

and he loves it outside. he loves golf...i needed to get both of the boys some golf clothes...especially bryson, but bodie should look the part i couldn't resist this upcycled sweater vest by Rebourne. her stuff is so adorable. i love it when people can do what she does...i on the other hand keep a garbage bag of old clothes for months promising i am going to turn them all into something amazing and then get overwhelmed and off they go to the Goodwill.

i also love her wet diaper bag - so much more stylish than my current one - perfect to keep the soiled cloth diapers in when you are out and about!

So check out her shop - support handmade!

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sanityseeker said...

Oh my goodness, he looks ADORABLE in it!!!! Now I REALLY want a little boy!!! Thanks so much, I am very flattered for the support!