Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Etsy Daydreaming

i find myself on Etsy a lot when i am in the office...umm...working...research i like to call it! anyway - i keep seeing these darling handmade shoes and am thinking my spring wardrobe needs to include a pair since shoes are the one thing that will fit me before and after baby #3....at least i hope after...i hear of some women's feet growing shoe sizes...i think mine have gotten wider...hmmm...well...they'd fit me now anyway. luckily, i am a pretty standard size...

i love Hydraheart...pretty much everything in their shop, but especially these:

And the shop Infusion, she uses upholstery fabric for her shoes:

these are so cute...but can only be worn around the house...but the cutest slippers i've seen! made by LaLa Shoes in linen

and these are in my size! so adorable! by Enamor:

and because we are in a robot phase...and i couldnt resist...these baby shoes from Gracious May:

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Punky said...

Wow I love ALL of these! Now I NEED shoes =)